Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's alive!

I love blogs. Every morning, after checking my email, you can find me with a cup of coffee and my trusty MacBook, checking out my favorite blogs. I spend time with the L.A. Times, the Washington Post, and the NYTimes. Ravelry gets a fair share of my attention too, but it's blogs that make my day. I've listed some of my favorites, but I'm always on the lookout for something new.

The web is a big place. I think there's room for one more blog. Here's mine, to read or ignore, love or hate. There'll be stuff about knitting, of course, since I'm a fiber addict. I'm about to become a grandparent for the first time and how could I NOT blog about that. But since Heather Armstrong does funny kid stuff way better than I ever will, I'll leave most of that to her. I'll be naughty at times, but won't go out of my way to offend or hurt. Yes, I say bad words, but I'll try to keep it to stuff your average middle schooler would use. I'm all about leeway! That's the way I'll monitor any comments--amuse me, inform me, but don't hate on me and we'll get along just fine.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Average Boston middle schooler or Oregon middle schooler?

    Looking forward to reading :)

  2. Oh, you Oregonians are the quiet, polite type but you're not fooling me for a second. My DH is (sort of) from Oregon and because of him our daughter can curse like a truck driver with a hemorrhoid. My money is on the Oregon middle schooler.


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