Friday, January 29, 2010

Yaman, I want to knit!

Day six of my Jamaica tennis trip found me and my bff in the bar--I know that's hard to believe, but one does what one can. At that point, any activity that involved my butt in a chair was fantastic. I know it's a tennis trip, but enough already. I have aching body parts I didn't even remember I have, and a little recovery knitting was just what the doctor ordered. Bff and I were chillin' with a couple of cold Red Stripes, watching ESPN. While she read, I worked on a hat. We'd had a lot of fun with one of the waiters from dinner a few nights ago, and when he walked through the bar on the way to his shift, he stopped to chat with us. He asked about my knitting and I jokingly asked if he wanted to learn. Imagine my surprised when he plopped into the chair next to me and held out his hands. Cool! I showed him how to hold the yarn, then demonstrated the knit and purl stitches and away he went. Here's some photos of Giovanni, taken with my iPhone.

I had to tink his entire row, but it was so much fun to teach him. He caught on immediately, and while I have a feeling he won't be doing much knitting in the future, I think it's a nice memory for both of us. Just call me the Knitting Ambassador, spreading the love all over the world. More later.


  1. How cool is it to be hangin out in Jamaica teaching the wait staff how to knit! Enjoy the sunshine. :)

  2. BeckyS, I had a blast teaching Giovanni. Couldn't believe how fast he caught on! Didn't see too many yarn shops in Jamaica, however.


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