Monday, February 22, 2010

It's all about the bacon

My usual method of taking care of my health is a nightly glass of medicinal wine; a week of tennis in a warm climate during the dead of winter; and cortisone injections in whichever body part is complaining the loudest. So far, it's worked. I'm not dead yet, I just look really bad first thing in the morning. Tomorrow I go for my sort-of-annual physical, so what did I have for breakfast this morning, mere hours before they check my blood levels for bacon fat? Check it out:

This, my friends, is the pancake flight from Toast, one of my most favorite breakfast restaurants EVER. It's four stacks of the pancakes of your choice, complete with whipped cream. Today I had carrot cake, apple, bananas foster, and peanut butter and banana pancakes. My doctor will be impressed with all those fruits and vegetables. I am virtuously smug with myself.

What you don't see in this iPhone photo is almost better than pancakes--the bacon. It was four or five strips of perfectly cooked, crispy, unctuous BACON. I devoured ate it so quickly, I didn't even count them. Vegetarians, please don't hate on me. This is in my blood, literally, and there's no saving me. Life without bacon would be empty. Healthier, but empty.

When the stars line up, magical things happen. A short time after consuming this heavenly breakfast, I come across this website. My life will never be the same. Yep, you're not seeing things. This is bacon-flavored lip balm. I swear I can hear the angels singing!

Deep South Dish has a contest going. I could win this bacon lip balm, so until March 1st, I'll display a linky to their site. I have no shame when it come to bacon. I thought you ought to know that about me.

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  1. Here in Portland we have Voodoo donuts and they have a delicious maple bacon donut!

    Thank you for pointing out that those shoes were Louboutins. Clearly they are so recognizable by their red soles.


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