Monday, February 1, 2010

Slam Dunk Hat--easy AND cute!

Coming back to altitude has kicked my butt. Maybe I donated too many red blood cells to the Jamaican mosquitos. I just can't seem to get going; however, I did finish the hat that Golden Apples so graciously reverse-engineered. It is super-cute and the proceeds go toward a good cause. Here's your linky to the pattern. And here's an iPhone photo of DD wearing it. I really do need a decent camera.

I'm so tired, I passed up tickets to tonight's Nuggets game. Carmelo probably isn't playing anyway, so what's the point? It cracks me up that I love watching basketball so much now, when I hated it in high school--playing basketball that is. I was short and scrawny, and nobody wanted me on their team. Smart move on their part. Now, I would love to find a short old lady league to play on. Maybe they lower the basket so we can dunk the ball. THAT would be cool!


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