Friday, March 19, 2010

I ♥ Ravelry

Here I go, getting all fan-girl again, but I can't help it. After agonizing over my first pattern--designing, writing, testing, getting it on Ravelry--the Ravelry part was the easiest BY FAR. I don't know who these crazy, code-writing kids are, but I do know they are geniuses. I won't call the process idiot-proof, although if I can do it maybe I should. All I know is, my pattern's now available as a .pdf download right from Ravelry, and it was easy to do. Everything about Ravelry is so well integrated and seamless, it just begs you to participate. Isn't that what a social networking site should do? They got it right and it just keeps getting better. Facebook, take a lesson.

Mother Nature, meanwhile, is not getting anything right, as far as I'm concerned. Yeah, I know. March is our snowiest month, here in Colorado, but enough already.

We're supposed to get about eight inches before it's over with, and Round Two should hit in a couple of days. I know I asked for sweater weather back in October, but seriously. Give it a rest!

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  1. Congrats on the pattern and hope you keep warm in the snow. Won't tell you that it's spring here and supposed to be 70F tomorrow! ;-)


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