Monday, March 29, 2010

It might be the longest 5 days EVER

It's raining in Miami, but after a winter of nothing but snow, this is pretty nice. We are now onboard the Century, a gigantic floating smorgasbord and bar. Signed up for the wine club first thing, because it's all about prioritizing. Next important item, finding my own personal space to knit and read and try and stay sane. For the next five days, I'll be trapped on a ship with a 17 year old who is doing nothing but obsessing about carbs. Pray that the ship doesn't run out of Chardonnay.

I am experimenting with mobil blogging. If you are reading this on Monday, March 29, I'm smarter than I thought I was. If you're reading this in April, then I'm not, but at least it will mean I survived.

1 comment:

  1. I'd love to be in a cruise - and having someone to obsess about carbs with me?? Even better. Not that I really "obsess", just try to guestimate them as best I can for insulin dosing. ;)

    And yes, it is Monday, March 29th, so you are brilliant. Have a fabulous cruise!


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