Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Six degrees of separation, sort of

Much to DD's chagrin, I'm on Twitter. She doesn't get it, but then I don't understand the fun in stealing virtual cars*, so I guess that makes us even.

Today, YarnHarlot twittered something about wishing cats could drive themselves to the vet's office, which is kind of weird because I was wishing the very same thing. Not to be a copy-cat (ha ha, I kill myself) but I have to drive my cat to the vet today too. YH, did your cat eat three cupcakes and a partial loaf of bread? I think not. Top THIS if you can. I double-dog dare you. (I am seriously killing myself now.)

Seems I'm not the only one having tons o'fun here in sunny Colorado: linky for those of you unaware of the pissing match between Amazon and the Centennial State. Draw your own conclusions. It will be a mute point for me after I give the vet the entire balance of my checking account.

I have managed some knitting, in between cleaning cat barf and getting cortisone shots in BOTH shoulders (pausing for your gasps of sympathy).

These are the sleeves for the Chic Knits Ribby Cardi. I have a cotton sweater I need to replace. It's gotten ratty enough that I feel like a bag lady when I wear it outside of the house, and I got the pattern free, for being a test knitter on another project. I would have paid for this pattern, I'm enjoying it that much. I like to do both sleeves at the same time. That way if/when I make a mistake, I make it on both sleeves. I'm all about consistency.

The yarn is Berroco Weekend, a cotton/acrylic worsted weight-ish blend. I don't normally go for acrylic yarn--I don't like the squeakiness. This one seems pretty nice, but since the last time I got all fan-girl over a yarn, it turned out to be a pain in the butt, I will reserve judgement until after I finish this sweater.

Back to the sunny day here in Colorado. It's gorgeous today, but it won't last. I've lived here long enough to know that our weather is all about trying to make us psycho--sunshine one day, blizzard the next. I'm going to take a photo off my back deck every day until at least the official first day of summer; then, I'm going to put together one of those time lapse thingies, to show the progression of our crazy weather. As you can tell from all the technical language I've used, this is going to be a delicate operation. I'll put it up when I have enough frames to make it fun. It won't be as fun as the hummingbird cam, but really, what is?

*Grand Theft Auto, another one of those things where I told DD no and DH said, Yeah! Sure! Guess who won.

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  1. New things I learned about you while reading this post:

    1- You are on Twitter!!! I Tweet . . . a lot. Mostly with my diabetes twitter friends, but sometimes about yarn and stuff. :) Just started following you. :)

    2 - You are in Colorado! Hey, so is my brother. I'm sure you must know him, it's a small state. LOL

    Also, would it make you (and the Yarn Harlot) jealous to know that my vet does not have an office and solely makes house calls. Most awesome thing ever!!!


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