Friday, April 16, 2010

1½ Trick Pony

I am so bad. Bought another lens for my camera, but in my defense this is a portrait lens, important for shooting stills of yarn, and for upcoming grandchild portraits. That makes it sound so much less selfish, doesn't it? I love the softly blurred background and foreground. Here's another shot with the focus on the knitted hem. Notice the difference.

This UFO is the Cottage Garden sweater I started a loooong time ago, before news of the grandbaby. I rescued it from the pile so I would have something to take to knit night at the Recycled Lamb. Seems more polite to be working with yarn I actually purchased there, since Cheryl is nice enough to offer buck a slice pizza and all. I'm crossing my fingers nothing gets in the way of me going. Friday nights always seem to be chaos around my house.

I was hoping to get some decent photos of the park behind our house, but it's overcast today and the light is so flat, I'm not going to bother. The ducklings and goslings should be appearing soon, however, so hopefully the light will get better after the weekend. They're forecasting rain until Monday. I'm really anxious to give my telephoto lens a test-drive. I'm thinking about a new career as a spy or a private detective, now that I have photography skills. O.K., half-assed photography skills. But even Jared Flood wasn't born with a Hasselblad in his hands.


  1. I can never make it to evening knit group either but Saturday or Sunday afternoon sometimes. Hope you get to go.

  2. Mmm, lovin those colors! Enjoy your new lens :) And hope you can make it to knitting...I haven't made it to my group in a while (darn kids, lol!)

  3. Your sweater is going to be gorgeous! Good grief I hope I get a real camera for my birthday too--- really great pics ;)
    This may sound strange, but I actually like overcast days for taking pictures of yarn, in particular. Color seems to come through more accurately.
    Hope you made it to knit night. Pizza and knitting sound like an awesome combo ;)


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