Thursday, April 22, 2010

As promised, part one.

In keeping with my own version of "fair and balanced," here's a shout-out to Recycled Lamb, in Lakewood, Colorado. It's one of my favorite yarn shops and has been for a while now.

Last night, I decided to knit one more pair of Sandia Crest before I release the pattern. A very nice person on Ravelry suggested they would be great in a cotton yarn, so I made some calls and a very helpful woman at the Recycled Lamb told me about a new yarn from Brown Sheep, Cotton Fleece. It's 80/20 cotton/merino, with 215 yards per skein. That's pretty close yardage-wise to the original yarn I chose for Sandia Crest, so I dropped by there. Since we are about to be hammered with yet another snowstorm, I figured I'd better stock up--me with my pitifully tiny stash.

I just finished a swatch, and I'm pretty sure the Cotton Fleece is going to be just fine. I will have a finished pair of socks before you can say "let's run to the liquor store before the storm hits." Thanks, Recycled Lamb, for the recommendation.

I also want to give a shout-out to another one of my favorite yarn shops, one I don't get to visit very often--The Knitting Studio and Yarn Shop, in Montpelier, Vermont. Their website says they are "Vermont's friendliest yarn shop," and I believe they are. They got so friendly with me that I gladly left a boatload of money with them last time I was there. In exchange, I got some FABULOUS yarn. I can't wait to visit them again. Nothing but love for you guys! But how about a discount if I get to four figures? Kidding, husband, just kidding.


  1. Very nice.
    With names and links and everything. :-)

    I did like that you didn't call out the cranky place the other day.

    The socks look cute. Did I see correctly they are anklets?

  2. Sounds exciting. Gotta love those LYS!

  3. Sounds like you were well-prepared for that snow yesterday. Thankfully, we mainly got rain (there was some snow mixed in with it, but not enough to accumulate.)


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