Tuesday, April 13, 2010

*I have nothing against Rush Limbaugh, BUT...

First of all, a warning. I switched to the "updated" version of Blogger. Seems they promised new and improved stuff, and it's supposed to be easier than the old version, blah blah blah. I won't say they lied, but I will say I'm looking into a new template for this blog and I'm pretty sure it won't come from Blogger, old or new. I can do bland and boring on my own, thank you very much. And if comments suddenly disappear or you see naked photos of me and Rush Limbaugh, you'll know something went horribly, horribly wrong.

Speaking of photos, here's a few shots of one of my (many) UFOs. This is the Ribby Cardi, which I blogged about here. I'm pretty sure I got the pattern free, for test knitting a hat, but since I have CRS**, it's possible I bought it. Love Bonne's designs enough to pay for them. This is high praise from someone who checks the "free" button on the Ravelry pattern search 99.9% of the time. But I don't mind paying good money for a design from someone who puts out really great work. They deserve the money. And it makes me appreciate all the more how tough it is to write a really good pattern. I've been around the knitting block for a while now, but I still appreciate a clear, concise, and accurate pattern.

I have high hopes for this yarn--it feels really nice for an acrylic blend. We'll see how it holds up to washing. Since I plan on this being a weekend, knock around kind of sweater, it should see lots of wear. Crossing my fingers it doesn't have a pill problem.

The shots were taken with my brand new Sony dSLR camera. I seriously love this thing. Even though the subject matter isn't exactly riveting, these photos are so much better than anything I took with my old camera, and they were taken with a kit lens, nothing fancy, and with the built-in flash. Obviously, I need to buy an external flash of some sort, but so far, I'd say the camera is a winner.

Can't wait for my photography class next month! I want to be a much better photographer by July 19th. That's when my very first grandchild is due. I promise I won't drive you nuts with a gazillion baby photos. It will be hard, but I promise.

*Total lie
**Can't Remember Sh*t (or Can't Remember Stuff if you're not a potty mouth)

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  1. i agree 100% - the 'revised' blogger still leaves much to the imagination. I'm thinking that we get what we "pay" for. Or, not. The camera is a delight, yes? More, please!


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