Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If you fly, get ready to bend over and grab your ankles.

Spirit Airlines has decided to start charging for carry-on bags that don't fit under the seat. They say people are bringing too much crap on board and they don't have enough room for it all. It takes too long for everybody to get seated, they can't take off on time, yada, yada, yada. Basically, they created this problem by charging people to check bags, and now they want to profit from the problem they created in the first place. Brilliant! You guys must be bff's with the same evil minds who came up with Double Stuff Oreos--they cut the amount of filling in the original Oreos, then charged us extra for a new product called Double Stuff Oreos. I have no proof of this conspiracy, but I do know today's Oreos are a shadow of their former selves. Enough said.

I pretty much cancelled everything that would require me to get out of my pajamas and leave the house today, since this cold has turned me into a mouth-breathing cranky-pants. (Spirit, United, and Frontier Airlines can vouch for this. Ask them about my snarky emails and faxes.) Hopefully, this downtime will mean I finish the second pair of Sandia Crest socks. I'm thisclose. Here's a side-by-side comparison of the original pair with the right twist, and the second pair with the left twist. I got the idea to try a right and left twist for a single pair--mirror image them, if you will. Obviously, it isn't working out.

I've added an extra pattern repeat on the cuff of the left twist. I had a bit more left over yarn than I thought I would from the first pair. If I end up short for the second, no big deal. I'll use the leftovers to complete them, and keep this in mind when I write out the pattern.

Here's some yumminess from Blue Moon. It's the turquoise colorway I plan to use for the sock weight version of Sandia Crest. I think it's gorgeous and I can't wait to start, but I got the Rockin' Sock Club yarn a few days ago, and the colorway and patterns are fabulous. Can't decide which one to start first.

Hopefully, the end is near for my blurry, crappy photos. Hint, hint...

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  1. Awesome socks and yarn! I might get my sock-knitting membership revoked, but I have never knit with (nor do I even own a skein) of that Blue Moon yarn. I gotta fix that :)

    Feel better soon :)


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