Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Laundry time=knitting time, and other lies

This might look like a mountain of laundry, but to a knitter like me... it's a mountain of laundry. Who am I kidding? It took me all day to get through this--three baskets heaped with clothes and towels, most of which came from DD's bedroom floor. Seriously. Which reminds me--I need to make an appointment with the optometrist for her. Something is seriously wrong with her eyes. Anytime she looks at an item of clothing, it has to go on the floor into the hamper. Apparently, something with her vision makes clean laundry instantly dirty and unwearable, even if that laundry is fresh from the washer and dryer, never having been worn since the last time it was picked up from the floor of her room, where it was deposited because she looked at it. Feel like you need a drink now? Me too. I figure she's got the cleanest clothes of any kid in the entire school. Everything gets washed dozens of times before she actually wears it.

I did manage a bit of knitting in between washing, drying, and folding. Check out my progress on the Brandywine shawl.

Here's a close up:

I tried to get all fancy-schmanzy with my new camera and take a photo of the laundry that blurred the back of the heap, just to make it look bigger. Didn't work, but it does justify the photography class I signed up for, so I didn't delete it.

A few people have expressed interest in getting a new camera of their own. The Sony alpha 230 I bought is pretty much an entry level DSLR, but it's a big step up from my Crappy Camera. In case you're wondering what the difference is between my old camera and my new one, here's a linky. I'm not exactly Anne Geddes, and this explains it better than I can.

I also made a meatloaf--cooking, laundry and a little bit of knitting, all in the same day! Don't buy any green bananas, people, because the end is near. But I'll have clean clothes, meatloaf sandwiches, and a very pretty shawl. Photos on Flickr.


  1. nothing wrong with her eyes.. just make her do her own laundry.

    MY DD told me a most remarkable thing once she started to do her own laundry.

    she said--You, know if you take a shower and dry your self off with a towel, the towel is not dirty, its just wet.
    If you hang it up, and let it dry, you can use it again tomorrow..
    and the same goes for your hair. If your hair is washed and clean, it doesn't make a towel dirty--it just makes it wet.

    you can hang it up, and let it dry, and use it again.
    (this was news to her! i guess she didn't like washing 14 towels every week either!)

    if she can dress her self, she can do laundry.
    let her do her own laundry--and she will quickly decide she has better things to do than 5 loads of wash every week--and will be more careful with her clothes.

    (made my son do laundry too--and when he got to college, he was the only guy in his dorm who knew how. --with him, i had to get him to wash thing. (like sheets EVERY week--he was sure once a month was enough!)

  2. Helen--you are preaching to the choir. I cut her some slack today because she's been sick. She actually does a pretty good job with her own laundry, just hasn't caught on to not creating so much in the first place. Can't wait to say "told ya so!" when she gets to college. Is that mean of me? Oh yes. (big grin on my face)

  3. Well, I usually work the laundry around my knitting, LOL ;)

    Love the color of your shawl!

  4. I love the way that Brandywine pattern is written. I'm doing one in chocolate malabrigo- yours looks great- we're at about the same place in the pattern.


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