Friday, April 9, 2010

No, this is not a post about Tiger, but I'll get around to him sooner or later.

I've finally selected the camera that will replace my cute-but-most-of-the-time-takes-crappy-photos Nikon Coolpix S6. I bought the Nikon because it's a handy size for blackmail travel photos and at first, it downloaded photos to my laptop wirelessly. Then Apple came out with the OS X (Leopard) operating system, and suddenly my camera and my laptop weren't speaking to each other anymore. It wouldn't have hacked me off so much, except Nikon has refused to update the software for this camera, which meant I had to remember where I keep all the crap you need to attach the camera to the laptop, yada yada yada, every single time I wanted to get the photos from the camera to the laptop. I sort of solved the problem by getting a wireless media card for the crappy camera, but that's like putting whipped cream on a turd. It doesn't make the turd any more appealing. Costco has a super deal on an entry level dSLR camera. And HELLO, it's not a Nikon--their evil plan didn't work. Yeah, I know. Here I go again with the Costco thing. Sue me. I love Costco, and you should too. It's the thing that's going to shut me up about crappy photos on this blog.

Speaking of crappy photos...

This is Brandywine, re-started with the BMFA STR turquoise colorway. Much better for spring knitting. Yes, I know it's a shawl and sooner or later we'll have 90-plus degree days here in Denver, but until then we could also have crap knows how many snowstorms. I intend to be prepared.

This is the end of this post and I haven't mentioned which camera I'm going to get. That's on purpose--if I tell you now, Costco will sell out of this special package deal camera and I will be SOL. This is the kind of stuff that happens to me all the time. Seriously. Cross your fingers for me...


  1. I've stopped lurking - it might have been the whipped cream and the turd - hard to say, but you are wicked funny and a good knitter to boot. Plus, anyone who loves BMFA (especially the turquoise colorway) has to be OK. I'm anxious to hear about your camera as I am getting ready to make the big plunge myself.

  2. Jody--did you get my email where I tell you I'm going to blame YOU about the camera I bought today? Thanks for your help!


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