Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Some people are too smart for their own good. I'm not one of them.

When the universe grabs you by the hair and yanks your head back, you need to pay attention. There are usually warning signs before it happens, but every time it does, I'm all, "what? me? are you kidding?"

Every spring, my allergy-induced asthma kicks my butt if I get even the tiniest cold. I'm supposed to start a course of Advair the instant I get any sort of respiratory episode. Did I do it this year? Of course not.

I've had trouble with my painful shoulders since last fall. Two rounds of cortisone injections haven't cured me. I'm supposed to be doing physical therapy twice a week. Have I gone for the last two weeks? Hell no!

Today I woke up tired and got even more tired as the day progressed. So what did I do? Lace knitting. Tell me you can't see this one coming. I make the same mistake--I miss a YO--two right side rows IN A ROW. I kid you not. I can hear myself telling my brain, "don't forget the YOs," after the first time I forgot. I tink back, fix it, then continue on, knowing it's probably not in my best interest to keep knitting; I should just get to a good stopping point and set the Brandywine shawl aside until I'm closer to something that resembles consciousness. So of course I decide to knit another couple of rows. AND I FORGET ANOTHER YO. Lesson learned? Even my own brain doesn't listen to me.

I put the knitting away and I'm drinking a glass of wine. Even I can't screw that up. Right? Anybody?



  1. Wow, I love this design!! I volunteer to be your YO reminder!! I'll bring the wine! *wink*

  2. AsKatKnits--Thanks! I'll bring the cheese.

  3. it's a glorious shawl and a missed YO or two is understandable. FYI I am making 'Mara' which requires almost no concentration whatsoever and found myself in the frogging mode last night too. Is a full moon coming on? Wine sounds like the perfect bandaid!

  4. Absolutely right. When lace knitting gets too tough, put it DOWN and pick up the WINE!!

  5. That's a pretty design that Brandywine shawl...

    Have you ever tried inserting a yo where you have missed it without knitting back?

    You insert your needle right where the yo needed to be, and then treat it like a dropped stitch as if you were picking it up!

  6. The Brandywine Shawl is in my list of things to make. I don't see it moving up the queue so fast though if it's that much fun!


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