Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Vacuuming sucks, except when it doesn't.

I had my day all planned out--vacuum and mop the floors, shower, then hit the road for Starbucks and a bookstore. Or not.

My *&$^ing vacuum cleaner has been slowly but surely doing less and less of what it's designed to do--get the dirt and pet hair out of the carpets and off the floors. I wish I could tell you how many different vacuum cleaners we've owned over the years, but I've lost count. DH has a thing about vacuum cleaners--they can't be too noisy or too hard to maneuver or too any of a hundred different other things. Me? I just want the damn things to suck.

Did you know that in my particular vacuum cleaner--a Dyson--there are parts you have to take off and wash? Seriously. So I washed those parts and if, after they are dry and re-installed, (cross your fingers I can put them back where they came from) this vacuum doesn't suck any better than it did before, guess who's buying herself a new vacuum cleaner for her birthday?

I am all about the sexy gifts. Seriously. One year I asked Santa for a cordless drill. I LOVE power tools and my dream tool, besides Brad Pitt, is this bad boy:

Be afraid, crappy vacuum cleaner, be VERY afraid.


  1. Dyson FTW!!
    It's what we have at home and at the bar.

  2. Michael--have you ever taken that thingie out and washed it? I get the feeling you are waaaay smarter about these kinds of things.

  3. Taking it apart isn't so bad, but I bet it depends on the model too. I've done it about four times, only had to call Customer Service twice :) Well worth the cost in my opinion.

  4. Shauna--This is proof--you guys ARE smarter than I am. Good thing, too.


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