Friday, May 28, 2010

Somebody loan me $10--the ice cream truck is here!

We hit 90 degrees in Denver today, and I just heard ice cream truck music for the first time this year. Looks like summer is here, at least for the weekend. I recall a few Memorial Day weekends when it snowed. You read that right--snow. Really doesn't put you in the mood for stuff like grilling and planting and hanging out by the pool. On the other hand, I don't mind knitting bigger things like sweaters when the temperature isn't exactly hovering around the cold beer consumption range.

DD goes back to school for one day next week, then her junior year is over. (Chalk up that one day to a snow makeup.) It's been a good year grade-wise, mostly A's and no summons to the counselor's office. There's never a dull moment at Casa la Angustia, so the anxiety about senior year should start any moment. Work cranks up for DH when summer gets here so we're mostly about stay-cations. I actually get a lot of knitting done this way, but this summer my goal is to read a few more books than I usually do. I have visions of lazy hours spent by the pool--books, a little knitting and a cold Sophia Single at hand. I hope your summer will be as pleasant as I plan to make mine.

Have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. And for you Canadians, can tell me where I can find some of those chicken flavoured potato chips?


  1. I'm going to try to read more this summer too but that will entail putting down the knitting - always a challenge. What do you like to read?
    Ice cream - yumm. But I'll always take snow in the mountains.

  2. congrats on your DD's good grades!

    Love the dandelion B/W picture :)

  3. 90 degrees??? Yup, we hit the high 90s on Wednesday - and I was miserable. I hope it's cooler in Telluride, or my brother will be completely miserable. Trust me, he'd be thrilled with snow on Memorial Day.

    Have a great long weekend and try to stay cool!!

  4. Freezing my buns off over here Jelli! It does nothing but rain and it feels more like Thanksgiving than Memorial Day. We usually put our pool up over the 3-day weekend, but won't be bothering yet.
    Good luck with Senior year. I've just about survived with my sanity! Graduation is coming up for The Geek in 2 weeks time. She's very happy that she just managed to hold on to her Honor Society status to be able to wear an Honor cord. Yipee!


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