Sunday, June 13, 2010

Say hello to my little friend!

I've been hearing rumors of an elk or two roaming the neighborhood. DD spotted them in the park a few days ago, but I hadn't, until this morning. While our 'hood is kinda sorta rural--there's horse properties scattered here and there and the occasional barnyard fowl--it's mostly urban (read: ass hats with mondo car sound systems, and beehive townhouse complexes).

DD was on his way to work this morning and about thirty seconds after he left, he called me and told me if I'd hotfoot it to the park I could see the elk. I threw on some clothes and grabbed my camera, and for the next hour or so I stalked the elk until the rain sent me back home. I had a blast, but the damp cold didn't make my bum shoulder feel any better. It is 49°F right now. No global warming, my ass.

I'm getting so many great books to add to my reading list. Awesome, and thanks everybody. If you want to add to the list and maybe win some yarn, click here. I'll post the entire list after the random number generator picks the yarn winner.

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