Thursday, August 12, 2010

It's red but it's GREEN

I made a rista! It's pretty crude and only has 12 chilies but I'm happy with it. One of the great things about living in Colorado is the lack of humidity. Maybe not so great for your skin and furniture, but for doing things like drying chilies and herbs it's fantastic. The chili plant I bought at Costco has been amazingly prolific. I've already harvested, roasted and cooked with a couple of batches.  Nobody has pilfered any so far, so maybe the sign I put on the tomatoes helped. And maybe since throwing them or smoking them isn't much fun, they've been safe. There are still quite a few green chilies left on the plant and a few blossoms too, so maybe I can add to the rista before the season is over.

Next year I plan to buy three plants and hopefully harvest enough chilies to make my own chili powder. Not sure how I'll find out when Costco receives the shipment of plants but somehow I always seem to get the good Costco juju when it comes to this sort of thing.

I should be able to block the Tilly sweater this afternoon, then as soon as it's dry I'll add the button and neck bands. Here's another instance when the Colorado dryness comes in handy. Next, I'll cast on for the super-secret project, and as always, another pair of socks.


  1. Awesome! I bought my mom a Rista wreath from Taos a few years ago, she loved it :) I'm sure you'll really love using yours even more!

  2. Nice rista (I didn't know that was what it is)
    Can't wait to see Tilly's sweater.

  3. Aha, that is what those are called, a rista!
    I saw those all over the place when I visited New Mexico.

    Yes, I remember how dry the air felt when we staid in Denver. I felt like a shriveled tomatoe. Or maybe a shriveled chili pepper...

    Cannot wait to see your Tilly Sweater all done!

  4. Just learned what a rista is. How cool. I love the idea of your own chili powder. That would have to have incredible flavor!


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