Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mashed potatoes and other crazy things

Don't forget about the yarn giveaway. Details here. You won't win if you don't enter!

DH has an HOA meeting tonight, so DD and I are on our own for dinner. She has a boatload of homework, and I have socks to finish before the end of the month. This makes a civilized restaurant meal out of the question. What to do? Leftover mashed potatoes, of course! I mixed them with some grated cheese, chives and some crumbled bacon, dredged them in breadcrumbs and fried those bad boys up. This works better if you use potatoes without the added milk, but then that's not making use of leftover mashed potatoes, is it?

Little known fact--cats and dogs LOVE mashed potatoes. Here's proof. I'm not saying you should actually do this, especially if you have pets that barf for no reason at all, but it's one way to use up leftover mashed potatoes. Here are a few others if you don't have pets.

I finished the super-secret project that I'm not allowed to show you yet. So why am I mentioning it? Just to let you know I've actually finished a knitting project. There's hope for me yet.

The Sock a Month Knit Along socks are on the needles. I'll need to pay some serious attention if I'm going to finish them on time, but I haven't missed a month since I started. DD's school mascot is the tiger and these socks would be a great auction item, or bribery, depending on the circumstances. I'm ready for anything.


  1. Your post made me hungry!

    It was nice to meet you. Thanks for donating the books. They'll be very much appreciated.

  2. LOL this post just reminded me that my brother gags on mashed potatoes. One time my parents MADE him try... and we all laughed as he gagged and cried. What a mean big sister I am.

    Also, the tiger socks are awesome. :)

  3. I love mashed potatoes!! They are one of my favorite. And I make potato cakes with the left overs but I put in an egg, cheese, and a little flour(to make them stiff). Yum!
    Start of the socks looks good!


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