Sunday, August 1, 2010

NaBloPoMo--Every. Single. Day. Oh my.

I might be smacking myself upside the head in a few weeks, but I'm giving it a shot--blogging every day for a month. The theme for August is "Green," as in the color, being ecologically responsible, envious. Maybe not envious, but I added it because envy is so easy to blog about. Hehe.

For my first August post, I offer up my finished Laurel Socks, from Wendy Johnson's Toe-up Socks for Every Body. The color way is Bermuda Teal, from Dream in Color Smooshy. Good thing this yarn isn't readily available in my area because my yarn budget would be blown. Yarn budget--I crack me up!

The pattern looks intense but if you pay attention, it's not so bad. I got a little discombobulated after the heel flap so there's a bit of weirdness going on a few rows up, but it's not noticeable unless I show you exactly where it is. In my defense, Baby Watch was going on at the same time, so I was a bit distracted. I decided not to frog because they will remind me of Tilly whenever I wear them. Sometimes, distractions are a good thing.

August is also back-to-school month for most of us. Try not to do the happy dance in front of your kids.

Link to image


  1. Nice socks. I love the color!
    Good luck with nablopomo. I haven't tried it yet. (Green is my second favorite color)

  2. Those socks are beautiful. I love that pattern too! And your sock blockers. I need to just fashion me some. I've read you can make them with hangers or something like that.

    I had to google "nablopomo"! But I am right there with you now!

    And I love that the socks will always remind you of Tilly!

  3. Try also not to do the happy dance in front of your teacher-blog friends... ahem.

    The thing I like best about nablopomo is that there will be many words from you!

  4. Nice Socks.
    I might have to give NaBloPoMo a try...after I move.

  5. love those socks. not sure about the nablopomo, but it might serve as a good exercise in writing! And I love hearing your news. Maybe I'll join you.

  6. Those socks look pretty darn good to me. They are also done in a color I particularly like. I knit my first sweater in that color.

    Good luck in the blogging every day for a month effort. It not going to be easy, but you can do it. I'll have lots of reading to catch up on when I get back from vacation.

    By the way, I'm resisting the temptation of telling you where you can find Dream in Color Smooshy. It's not really close to you, but it is in the Denver area!!!

  7. I love those socks. Dream in Color Bermuda Teal -- yum.

  8. Ooohh, I love those socks. And hurray for NaBloPoMo - you absolutely can do it.


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