Saturday, August 7, 2010

NaBloPoMo--One week done, three to go

I'm going to steal copy SusanB-knits idea and give you the highlights of this past week.

In the past week or so, I have
  • become a first-time grandparent
  • blogged every day as part of NaBloPoMo
  • finished a pair of socks
  • started my first granddaughter sweater
  • entered a photography show
  • worked out four times
I have NOT
  • done the laundry
  • mopped my kitchen
  • washed my car
  • cleaned the toilets
  • organized my closet
  • cleaned the mirrors

Notice a trend? Yeah. They're beginning to catch on here too. I'm pretty sure I cooked a few times, since nobody has passed out from hunger, but I confess that takeout or restaurant meals might have occasionally had something to do with it. The litter box has been tended to, but in the interest of full disclosure DH took a turn. He likes to do housework when he's stressed--I kid you not--so as far as I'm concerned, he's a keeper for life. Yes, he has brothers, but trust me; I got the pick of the litter.

The granddaughter sweater is coming along nicely. I might be a little bit faster on the purl rows but I'm not going to time myself again. I'd rather live with delusion than fact. I need to start another pair of socks for the SAM KAL I'm participating in, but indecision has me paralyzed. I have a lot of wonderful skeins of sock yarn and numerous patterns that look promising. Sometimes too many choices aren't a good thing.

What have you guys been up to?


  1. lol, I love it! Congratulations on NaBloPoMo Week 1 being done. (I'm all for the have not category)
    I have a lot of sock patterns I want to knit so sometimes it is hard to decide which one to start. You can always continue on the granddaughter sweater while you "ponder" which sock pattern is next.

  2. Congratulations -- you've had a big week! I think housework is overrated (and besides, it usually waits for you to get around to it anyway). You have inspired me to post on my blog every day this month, too.

  3. Good for you--the news story of the week is how using household cleansers is ONE factor in breast cancer... good to see you are taking good care of your self and not using any! Clean less--Live longer! (a notion i can get behind..)

    Learn to sweep a room with a glance... and forget dirty looks--give the world a clean look--(if things look clean, they are clean, right?)

  4. Do what you want when you want. That's what I say. (now you can say it back to me?)

  5. Love the trend - mine is very similar! David said tonight, "We really need to clean the house." Thank goodness he is also about WE!

    I only want to sweep the room with a glance now forever! Love that comment!

  6. Sadly I have been doing more cleaning than knitting when the reality of not cleaning for, er, a long time, was revealed to me. But next week . . .

  7. you had a BIG week - the first-time grandmother piece is HUGE!!!! You will have so much fun honing your skills with 'little' knits, and I envy you! And listen ... NEVER give housework a second thought. Seriously. My plan is to never ever regret time that I spent cleaning. Which translates roughly into 'avoid housework whenever possible'

  8. I've been up to the same 'not list' as you!
    the other list was birthday shenanigans! :)


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