Saturday, September 25, 2010

Celaeno Shawl--almost

I'm almost finished with my Celaeno shawl, just a couple of rows to go. So what am I doing today? An urban abstract photography class. Don't try to figure me out. Just go with it. Meanwhile, here's a few photos of the scrunched up shawl. Hopefully, I'll be blocking it tonight.

We leave for Las Vegas tomorrow. Since I'm not really into gambling, I plan to take lots of photos. I'm hoping to get some good information from the class today, so that I can come home with some interesting pictures. There will also be knitting accomplished and perhaps a nice glass or wine (or two) consumed. It's going to be about 100 degrees there, so any knitting will happen inside. I wonder what they'd say in the casino if I sat at a slot machine and knit?


  1. I don't sit at the slot machines and knit but there are plenty of "patiently waiting spouse chairs" at every casino I've ever been to with Mr. Sophanne and I have knitted in a casino more than once- with a glass of wine. Further proof that we are twins. Sadly the casinos around here don't let you take photos in therm (all those lights would be so cool) so I haven't done that.

  2. Wow, another beautiful project. I can't believe it.
    Have fun in Vegas. Sure, you should take your knitting! Please go and eat at "Bouchon" for me!

  3. Having never been, I can only speculate. Anyplace that doesn't welcome knitters in the lobby or at the slots doesn't deserve our $$$$ or patronage. The shawl is a delicious color - and it's whispering .... "block me, block me..."

  4. Love the shawl! It will be beautiful once it's blocked.
    I don't think there would be any problem with you sitting there and knitting. Enjoy a glass of wine for me.
    Also, are you going to find the Star Trek Experience? I think it has moved from the Las Vegas Hilton to the Rio. At least that is where the ST Convention was (at the Rio) this past Aug.

  5. I've never been to Vegas (doesn't that sound like a song title?) but I did spend a memorable (imagine that last word in slightly sarcastic tone) Christmas weekend in Atlantic City with my in-laws when we were first married. My MIL kept trying to take my tokens while we were playing the slots...

  6. What great pictures. I especially love the second one with the beading showing. So pretty!!

    Have fun in Vegas. I've been there once, but loved it and am dying to go back. Time for pictures, knitting and wine sounds just perfect.

  7. My guess is that no one would bat an eye. Vegas is weird and knitting at a slot machine, while a bit odd, is probably no where near the kind of weird Vegas attracts. Have fun and don't forget to wear sunscreen!

  8. What lovely yarn! I'll bet blocking will just bring out more of the best, too.


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