Monday, September 6, 2010

Let me knit and nobody gets hurt.

Star Trek was my favorite show when I was a kid. I loved that transporter machine--it seemed totally possible to me to be turned into weird radio waves or whatever the heck they did and get beamed to wherever you needed to be. Imagine travel being easy and fast! Hm 'kay. Maybe not.

I don't mind not getting free pretzels anymore. They tasted like salted wood chips, and anyway it was kind of insulting to be teased with half a dozen miniaturized pretzels in a bag that could easily have held way more. Even if I didn't really like them, it was better than starving. Sort of. I don't miss the free mystery meat meals either. Call me fussy, but I like to know what species I'm eating. And smiling flight attendants? Let's not even go there.

What I miss is leg room. I am all of five feet four inches tall, and when my knees touch the seat in front of me, it's just wrong. I've been lucky enough to be in first class a very few times in my life and it just makes riding back in steerage feel a thousand times worse. That's what they call it, by the way. Steerage. Kind of makes you understand what cattle trucks are like.

Tomorrow I take the first of three trips in the next four weeks. Thank goodness for knitting is all I can say. I always carry the latest TSA ramblings on what is and is not allowed on planes. I highlight the part that says, "Let this crazy bitch have her knitting. It will keep her quiet." So far it's worked. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.


  1. Lots of travel for you in the next few weeks!
    I take it that you will go to fun destinations?

  2. Well, I hope they let you take the knitting needles on board. Would be a surprise to me. But I bet you are very convincing!
    So how many hours in coach are we talking about??? I am sure it isn't more than 10. You will be perfectly fine.
    Have a great trip and visit with your baby girl!

  3. LMAF!!!! You keep knitting gurl, and there won't be any inflight episodes for sure! Do they let you have needles on the plane? Making socks? I'm still salivating over your tiger ones.

  4. I love Star Trek too! but do you trust those transporters? Although it would be fantastic to beam to another place in seconds.
    Good luck on your travels! (I think TSA is beginning to understand just how important knitting is for us knitters. At least I can only hope)

  5. Just watched the latest Star Trek movie last night!! "Beam me up Scotty!"
    Safe travels.

  6. Haha! I can't wait for the day that we have transporters like on Star Trek. I hate when the person in front of me reclines their seat and suddenly I don't have room for both my knitting and knitting pattern. If they're going to make the seats that close together, they really should disable the recliner.

  7. Oh yes, I miss the legroom too. Last time I flew, I got so claustrophobic we had to pay the stupid $30 upgrade fee to get whatever the "not as crowded" seats are called. (It wasn't first class - never flown that - if I did, I'd probably never want to fly any other way).

    Good luck, safe travels, and happy knitting!!

  8. Oh I so very hope that you are seated well. I can't even think about it ahead of time when we fly. At 5'9" I get a panic attack just pondering leg room on a plane.

  9. Good luck with the travels! I wish for leg room on planes, too. For all the hours I've spent worrying about knitting on the plane, I've never had a problem with knitting at security in the US. Ravelry can make you crazy, though, because you can find any kind of horror story there that skews your expectations of normality.

    Happy travels!

  10. Happy travels! I dare any TSA lackey to get in your way.


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