Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Vegas--the highlights of a party animal

What I've done in Vegas:
  • got a migraine from the cigarette smoke at the taxi stand at the airport, before we even got to the hotel;
  • got a haircut, manicure and foot massage the next day, with the money I saved by not being able to leave the hotel room the first night;
  • survived 103℉;
  • went to a Jimmy Choo shop AND a Christian Louboutin shop, where I bought nothing since I didn't win the lottery last week;
  • had dinner at Bouchon--I'd better win the lottery next week;
  • and knit just enough to figure out I need more beads to finish my Celaeno tomorrow.
What I've seen in Vegas:
  • skirts so short they look more like band aids; 
  • some guy I'm sure is an actor in one of those silly sitcoms I never watch, and I couldn't Kinnear him, and since I don't watch any sitcoms, I can't remember his name;
  • a roller coaster that flips over (on purpose) right outside our hotel window
  • a cheesy gondola in a pricey hotel
  • and many, many people drinking beer at 9 a.m.; I was not one of them.

What I bought in Las Vegas:
  • gifts for Tilly, and DD (because she hasn't wrecked my car);
  • tennis shoes for me, which I paid too much for but they make me look like I have game;
  • and coffee, lots and lots of coffee.
Last stop before we head back? In-N-Out Burger


  1. sooooo funny! I have been 'kinnearing' here - Dennis Leary's daughter is attending our school and he and his wife were here over the weekend. FUN! Sounds like you are having fun, good for you!

  2. minus the migraine, that sounds awesome.

  3. Sounds like you are having a great time (minus the migraine)!
    I took a ride on that cheesy gondola, lol! did not and will not ride the roller coaster.

  4. What?? No yarn??

    What kind of a holiday was that? ;-)

  5. Sounds fun! (Except for the migraine!) David once rode the rollercoaster outside New York New York I think? He said he lost several years of his life on it.

    Have fun on the next leg of your trip! (Or maybe you come home first for abit.)

  6. Makes me miss Las Vegas. When DH and I lived in CA we used to make the 50 minuted flight once a year (DH's company had an affiliation with Allegiant Airline that flew straight to LV so he flew for free). Unfortunately, it's a bit harder to get there when you're 2000 miles away.

  7. Those must be lucky tennis shoes if you bought them in Vegas!

  8. Oh, I am so jealous. You went to Bouchon. Wonderful. What did you eat???
    My friend always buys herself a pair of shoes at Jimmy Choo.

  9. I didn't buy shoes at Jimmy Choo or Christain Louboutain either :( Have a safe trip home.

  10. Guuurrrl, you know how to live life :)


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