Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday photos

I thought I'd post some photos from our London, Ontario trip. These were taken in Niagara Falls, from the Canadian side. I swear I saw a Hooters up on the hill in downtown Niagara Falls, which made me a little sad. It was kind of like finding out your favorite uncle hangs out in strip joints. But when I googled 'Niagara Falls Hooters' it looks like it's been closed, so the whole sign thing has got me confused. Happy, but confused. I just didn't want to go through life thinking there's a Hooters on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

I got lucky and shot this photo just as a rainbow was fading away.

We didn't take the boat ride because it was getting kind of late in the day and we needed to head back so I could check out the Mary Maxim store, which we didn't get to because we got sidetracked by some very nice farmer's markets.

This guy was feeding squirrels and birds in the park alongside the falls--St. Francis with headphones.

This last photo was taken on the way to the falls. Check out her helmet. Very cool!


  1. I love these photos. I'd love to see Niagara Falls. In my mind, I never imagine it being in a more urban area. I always picture it out of the city somewhere. That rainbow shot is beautiful. I also love the mellow guy feeding the squirrels.

  2. I saw Niagara Falls when I was much much younger (ok, in my teens).
    It is very beautiful.
    (Cool helmet. They didn't have those when we were riding. lol)

  3. Very cool photos.

    The last time I was on the Canadian side of Niagra Falls, I almost had to stay there. My husband's green card was very, very old and they didn't believe that it was him in the photo. LOL

    I suppose if HE had to stay, I would have stayed also since we were on our honeymoon. ;-)

  4. We may not have a Hooters in Niagara Falls but there are definitely a lot of them up here. Sadly. Love St Francis with the headphones.


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