Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Taking a trip to Stupidville

Let's face it. From time to time, we all do boneheaded things--jaywalk, mix wine and hard liquor, text photos of our genitals to people not in our calling plan. Here's my latest stupidity:

They look like my usual pair of TAAT socks, with the exception of the solid color toes and heels, something new for me. The cuff ribbing will also be done in black--the ribbing that I was less than an inch from. Click on the photo and you'll see the tale-tale signs of frogging.

Apparently, when it came to the short-row heels, my brain got hit with the stupid stick. I read, "Continue until you have worked all of the wrapped stitches, and work to the end of the row over the last 6 stitches," as "Keep on wrapping and turning, even after you've worked all the wrapped stitches, so that you'll have TWO heels on each sock, and end up having to rip out 5 inches of leg on each sock." Yeah. I just ignored the two funny looking lumps at the tops of the heels and kept going, but live and learn. Next time I'll just take a short cut to Stupidville and text a photo of my hooha to total strangers, and hope some friends come through with bail money. Anything is better than frogging ten inches of sock leg. For my non-knitting readers, that's as nasty as it sounds.


  1. Just once, wouldn't you love to gift those double-heels to someone, just to see their reaction?

  2. Hit with a stupid stick on a trip to stupidville. Your words express an exact feeling I know. A photo of your hooha! Your words make-a-me laugh and laugh.

  3. I don't know if the two heels is worse than mixing wine and liquor. At least you won't have that debilitating dehydration headache the next morning. Not that I would know though (about the two heels) ;)

  4. Oh my ..............well, if, if fact, you do fax your hooha --- we, your blogging friends will take up a collection for bail.

    In the meantime --- sorry about the trip to the frog pond.

  5. i just think anyone who can master that double toe-up thing is pure genius. In other words, you had me at the circular loopy needle thingy which I cannot fathom.
    I need a sock mentor. Do you have a week to spare?

  6. "text photos of our genitals to people not in our calling plan"

    Woman, you slay me.

  7. I feel your pain....frogging is not fun ;)

    Hope it goes better the next time ...happy knitting :)

  8. They would be really cute as ankle socks? (I'm sorry, I'm still working on finding a bright side for you.)


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