Monday, October 25, 2010

Talk amongst yourselves

Monday--love it or hate it, at least it's not boring. Here's some water cooler conversation starters:

If Monday pisses you off and makes you want to kick something, here you go. Not saying that anybody who actually knits a scarf and sends it to these people is a CHUMP but if the insult fits... Yeah. I'm all about giving my time and money to an organization that makes a gazillion dollars and is too cheap to show a little love to its volunteers. And don't even get me started on their countdown clock.

For those of you who embrace Monday as a chance to explore new worlds and seek out new knitting civilizations, check this out. Prepare to be awed. Or freaked out.

I still haven't finished the two-heeled socks, but I'm getting close. They got bumped for a couple of Vanessa headbands. Did I mention my fruit fly attention span? Vanessa feeds right into it, so it's perfect. Photos of each will show up here sometime this week, assuming I get off my ass and take some pictures. I'm just waiting for The Great Pumpkin to bring me some motivation. And candy. Lots and lots of candy.

Let me end on a positive note, now that I've had my second cup of coffee--adorable!


  1. That skeleton is cool. I'd NEVER finish it but that's besides the point. The level of detail is amazing. And I'm with ya re: the scarves. Come on, you can't outfit your volunteers? Maybe it's time to rethink how you spend your entertainment budget then people.

  2. OMG that knitted skeleton is the a work of art!!! Scream!

  3. That skeleton is way cool.

    He should pay a visit to the cheapskates putting on the Super Bowl. If they want handknit great - send us kits!

    Oh and that headband! I love it.

  4. The scarf project is just too much -- seriously, folks? The Super Bowl committee needs volunteers with time and yarn to share! I would do that for the special olympics or other nonprofits but not the Super Bowl. They'll spend as much $ on staff time to manage the donations as they would have to get scarves in bulk.

    Love the other links, too, btw.

  5. 1) The scarf thing is really WTF.

    2) The skeleton thing is odd. I associate knit stitches with comfort and coziness. Seeing them on a skull really evokes mixed feelings.

  6. i NEED that knitted boney guy!!!! I'm copying you and your 'Vanessa' headbands. I'm using Punta (cos I LOVE to say that - punta punta PUNTA) in a delicious color! It's obscene-ly quick. I was thinking that buttons or snaps would be neat. What's a mattress stitch?


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