Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Knitting with silk--or not.

I tried, I really did. Several stitch patterns, several gauges, over an entire day--and I just can't make it happen. I wanted to love this yarn--I dyed it at Knot Hysteria last year--but I just can't make myself love knitting with 100% silk.

Silk  One thing I can pass on about knitting with silk yarn--don't try to wind it on a ball winder. Experts say it will slip off the cake and get stuck in the gears of your ball winder. I hate when that happens! For once, I listened to someone who knows more than I do (that would be everybody who's ever knitted with silk yarn).

The photo of the ball and swatch is actually closer to the true colors--soft silvery gray and pink.

On a brighter note, my Garden Patch Hats are featured in an Etsy Treasury today. I'm thrilled and honored! Here are the linkies.



Check out Etsy, if you haven't already. It's fabulous, and not just because I have a shop there.


  1. Silk yarn? Haven't been there......not sure I want to either! Love Etsy though.

  2. Was the silk too slippery to knit? Beautiful colorway...I love soft grey tones with soft pink tones...

    Again, congrats with being featured on Etsy!!!

  3. ps: how about you knit your beautiful silk yarn together with a laceweight mohair such as Kidsilk Haze? The mohair will make it less slippery and will give it a bit more body...

  4. I have been down this road withnsimilar results. I had about 10 hanks of some silver, black and cream colored. Absolutely flipping beautiful. I could not find one stitch pattern that would make it happen. I'm sure there is a beautiful sweater made out of fingering weight silk on size 0 needles but I'm not going there. I just realized I never blogged about it... Oh the shame I felt. Now I have been redeemed.

  5. Congrats on being in the Etsy treasury!

  6. My daughter in law is a big knitter and I think I remember her commenting about how difficult silk was. Which by the way, I'm going to have to direct her to your blog. That yarn sure is beautiful.

  7. I must have dreamed that I left a word or two. The silk is lovely, but I sympathize. I find it annoyingly splitty and w/o memory .... but we STILL must have it, mustn't we?
    LOVE what you are doing in Etsy!!!!!

  8. I'm not a knitter - but learning through your posts. Note to self: no silk.


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