Friday, January 28, 2011

I have a little secret...

DH likes to do laundry. I'll pause here for a moment while you swoon.

A few days ago he brought home this little gadget:

The knitter in me thought, "Ah ha! Perfect for machine-washing hand-knit socks;" however, the package says it's for washing lingerie. Perfect for those matching bra and pantie sets! This totally cracked me up. Matching socks I've got, but I don't remember ever buying matching underwear. When you're mammarily challenged, you don't get a lot of choices, underwear-wise. You're just happy to find stuff that fits. Besides, I'm old school. I don't like my underwear pretending it's outerwear, so who's going to know my skivvies don't match?

It doesn't matter anyway. If I were to start sporting matching underwear DH might get suspicious about cabana boys, but since we have neither cabanas nor the boys to go with them here in our town home complex, he has nothing to worry about. Besides, there's nothing sexier than a husband who does laundry. Don't worry honey--I probably have cabana boys on the brain right now because it's 66℉ here in Denver. Not exactly hand-knit sock weather, so I guess the little laundry gadget won't be getting much of a workout.

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  1. I actually have that same lingerie bag and use it to wash my socks too. And other items that need to be hand washed like a blue blouse I have but strangely enough, not underwear.

  2. That is so cool! I have a lingerie bag, but it's no where as neat as this one.

  3. LOLOL

    My husband does all the laundry around here too. (Though I do fold it and put it away.) And litter boxes! It's very nice. lol

  4. My husband would never think about picking up such a need gadget. He would appreciate it, so. Actually, he washes his own wool socks. You should have seen him, when he bought his first front load washing machine in Germany. He was sitting in front off it for many hours. My parents always owned a front loader, so I thought that this was pretty funny.

  5. This cracked me up! We have a long running joke here amongst my American friends because I struggled to find matching underwear when I first moved to the States. We decided that it's a European thing (it's essential). They all asked me why I wouldn't consider a multi-pack of white briefs and any old bra? My answer? What if I get in a car accident and the EMT's have to cut my clothes off?!! We laughed for days!
    Now I have my underwear sent from Europe.........Oh, and hubby is so NOT into the laundry. You've got a keeper there!

  6. You are a lucky woman indeed. I'm pretty sure my family thinks we have house elves, like in Harry Potter, to do the laundry.


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