Monday, January 17, 2011

I hope my dog doesn't mind sharing

I'm trying to get myself together. I've promised you patterns and blogoversary giveaways, and I'm working on them all, really I am. But I've been distracted, seduced really, by yarn and stitch pattern books. There have also been lunches with tennis friends and knitting with knitting friends, but I won't use them as excuses. Except for Paula, who ordered wine at lunch and me being the sheep that I am...

I'm quite pleased with the scarf DD is modeling. The pattern is simple and fun, but it won't write itself. It's next for the tech editor. Pretty sure I haven't scared her off yet.

I've also been fooling around with some Pagewood Farms. Yes, I know these are both scarves/shawlettes, and yes, they're both knitted sideways, but that's how obsession works.

Last, but decided NOT least, DD has been accepted at two schools so far, both of which we can afford. She's also awaiting word from two Alpo schools--that's what DH and I will be eating if she decides to go to either one. Just as long as it doesn't mess with my yarn money, I can deal with it. I have my priorities.


  1. FAFSA is your friend should your daughter decide on an ALPO school. That is how we got our son through Florida Southern.

  2. ALPO schools. That's such a funny (if slightly scary) way of putting it.

    I can't wait to knit both of the scarves/shawlettes. I think I will go drool over some Zauberball now.

    Can't wait to knit again. Davey and I went to Costco today and had a big time. :)

  3. I am intrigued by your new scarf/shawl, can't wait to hear more. Congrats to your DD for school acceptances already! We have 4 yrs to go and our DD #1 is already tired of us harping on what she needs to be focused on for college admission and scholarships.

  4. Love both of the designs!
    Congrats to your daughter & best wishes at whichever school she decides on!

  5. I understand the siren call of the yarn and wanting to knit. I've started 5 projects since Jan 1st!!

  6. I'm loving the horizontal knits! I know that exceptional designs are on their way from you. Send DD to Vassar where I can keep an eye on her!

  7. Fantastic designs, Susan..! And congrats to your daughter!


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