Friday, January 14, 2011

In which I am taught a thing or four by a tech editor

There's been knitting lately here at Chez JelliDonut. Lots and lots of it actually, and some of it's even been of my own design, but more about that in a moment.

I discovered the beautiful Saroyan and this is my version.

The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Sweet Pea, from the 2010 sock yarn club. I'm not even sure if it's available to the public yet. I wish you could see the subtle color variations--there are lovely pale greens and pinks that my crappy photos don't show. Yes, I'm aware the yarn was from a SOCK CLUB but to my mind (what's left of it) socks in this pale a shade would end of being ruined by the linings of my shoes, never mind by walking on my less than spotless floors. Thus, a scarflette was born. 

I love wearing this beauty. Not only does the pattern make me look immensely clever, but it keeps me warm without that hot flashy feeling. I am in love with knitting little scarves and I have a pattern to finish writing for a pretty little thing I just got off the needles, but more about that in a moment. Yes, I know I've already said that, but I'm stalling here, so work with me.

I did a very little bit of Christmas knitting. Here's one of the few knitted gifts I managed. It's Jared Flood's Wool Leaves. The original pattern is for a baby blanket, but I morphed it into a lap blanket for my bff.

The yarn is good old Encore. I wanted a yarn that could go into the washer without a lot of fuss. My bff is a clean freak with two dogs, so I figure she probably washes afghans way more often than I do. It's an easy pattern that's a pleasure to knit. Jared Flood's patterns are well written and gorgeous, which brings me to my own patterns. Ahem.

I made the decision that if I'm going to get serious about writing patterns, a tech editor is in order. The anxiety of releasing a pattern and waiting for the errors to show up via people who are trying to knit your pattern but don't know what in hell you are trying to get them to do is just not my idea of a good time. The cost of a tech editor is more than worth it, as are you, my blog readers. If I'm going to offer you a pattern, I want it to be the best it can be. Having somebody else to blame for my mistakes doesn't hurt either. 

I submitted the pattern for this hat (it's the top photo in the linked post), and got back FOUR PAGES of notes from my tech editor. I have to admit that a whole boatload of her input was spot on, and I've already learned a lot about pattern writing. As soon as I get the go ahead, this pattern and the yarn to make it will become part of my Blogoversary Big Bang Giveaway. I haven't forgotten you, my peeps, and if this hat isn't to your taste, never fear. There will be other goodies. But more about that later. 


  1. That blue pattern is beautiful! I can't even imagine knitting something like that let alone creating a pattern. I'm impressed.

  2. Beautiful scarflette!
    wow! a tech editor... I never thought about using one. I just ask for test knitters. hmmmm.... I may have to look into that.
    By the way... it that you mentioned in the back of Barbara Bretton's book, "Spun By Sorcery" (page 291)?

  3. Love the scarflette. It's stunning!

  4. Your Saroyan is freaking beautiful, I want to make it too!
    You are knitting Wool Leaves in black yarn...GORGEOUS...

    Good for you for hiring a tech editor. Another sign you are stepping it up for real. GO SUSAN!!!

  5. Pretty Saroyan. I think it is a very wearable shape and wear mine often.

    Good for you going to the tech editor, it shows your commitment... to your craft, to your business, and to your customers.

  6. I really want to make the Saroyan. I feel like I should call it "the" Saroyan. It's beautiful.

    Also Jared Flood - I love his work and photography. I'd wondered what it was like to knit a pattern. I am excited to try one this year. Your lap blanket is beautiful!

  7. Such a pretty scarf-lette. Congratulations on the finishes.

  8. Four pages of comments? Is that longer than the pattern was. Ha!

    What is this "washing afghans" of which you speak?

    Oh and pretty scarves.


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