Monday, February 28, 2011

The Madrona Treasures

Sounds like a Nicholas Cage adventure movie, doesn't it? It certainly was an adventure, but more on that later. I'm waiting for the statute of limitations to expire.

The first Madrona posts will be all about the goodies. Here's one of my favorite non-yarn purchases:

This is a blocking wire kit from Handworks Northwest. According to Franklin Habit, it was put together specifically for Churchmouse Yarns and Teas, a lovely shop in Bainbridge Island, Washington. I don't see it on the Churchmouse website, but if you'd rather have this one instead of the one featured on the Handworks site, you might give Churchmouse a call. From what I can tell, this one doesn't contain the 18 fine wires and the T pins that are in the "deluxe" kit. That's O.K. with me, since I already had some.

What I really love about this kit is the storage sleeve. My old set came in a cardboard tube that was already dented by the time it got delivered. Thanks USPS! This one is some sort of really tough plastic--made it through the baggage hold of Frontier Airlines just fine, in only a cardboard box. I also love the heavy wires in this kit. You can block lace until it begs for mercy and these wires don't bend out of shape. I've already used them and I had no trouble with snagging--the ends are hand polished and it comes with a small piece of polishing cloth so you can smooth out any rough spots that might have been missed. It also comes with instructions, something my old kit didn't have. They give you some great tips on wet blocking and how to use the wires.

My next goody is pretty cool. Even DH thought it was awesome. Stay tuned... and have a great week!


  1. i am overcome with jealousy - wire envy!!! Who knew?

  2. Niiiiice !!! You actually have it in your possession! Well, I'm happy for you !

  3. Nice! Blocking wires are worth every penny IMHO.


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