Monday, April 18, 2011

Loose Ends

First, proof the weekend didn't suck total ass:

The center balls are Russian sock yarn, gifted to me. Thanks Donna! Through the magic of the interwebs I was able to figure out it's a 95/5 wool and nylon blend. There's about 1200 yards, so I think a huge comfy shawl will be just the thing.

The other yarn is Lorna's Laces Shepherd, in the Grand Street Ink colorway. It will be cast on as a Rock Island shawl as soon as my Signature circular size seven stilettos arrive in the mail. Fingers crossed for Wednesday. I was good and pissed off at the vandals when I went to the Signature site, but I don't regret it. I'm going to slam out the work I have--patterns to finish proofreading and a colorwork hat thisclose to being done--so I can cast on the second they get here.

I also went to a bead show and bought a couple of really gorgeous beads that will hopefully end up on shawl pins. I've been looking for a decent pair of round nose pliers and found some on sale at the show. I guess things are looking up.

Now for what you've really been waiting for: DD didn't go to After Prom. She had to be back at school at 8 a.m. the very next day to work a two hour shift for a music competition, then after that she planned to spend an entire day at StarFest. So she and The Boyfriend, who is also a Star Trek geek, decided to call it an early evening. It turned out to be rather fortuitous, since they would have gotten back to our house right as the sh!t was hitting the fan had they gone to After Prom. I guess things have a way of working out. They missed all the drama (DD slept through most of the ordeal) and I didn't have to dress up like a waiter or a giant condom--they had all the volunteers they needed so DH and I stayed home. I don't even want to think about what it would have been like if we would have worked the last shift of After Prom and came home to the pile o'crap that was our Saturday morning.

Now we are dealing with the insurances issues, which DOES suck ass. We are also having outside motion detector lights installed, as soon as we can get an electrician to show up. Note to our electrician neighbor who said he would install them yesterday and couldn't bother to walk the 50 feet to our house or call us to say he couldn't make it: They will be selling snow cones in hell before you ever get another free hockey ticket from us, so yeah! Have a great week, dude!

We're also arranging for other security measures, and DD decided which college she'll be attending, so let's just say I'll be yarn shopping from my stash for a while. Have a great week everybody!


  1. Oh I love that sock yarn purple! its just the color i had in mind for my 'blank' white sock yarn i bought this weekend. Lovely lovely yarn!

  2. Don't ya just HATE when neighbors do that. We had the same thing happen last year when our neighbor PROMISED to come over and fix a leak for us. Never showed up. Never called. Meantime, the leak kept leaking.

    Yeah -- -snowcones in hell before I'D do anything for them either.

  3. Nice yarn and I'm glad to hear that your daughter had a good time but skipped the lame sounding After Party.

  4. I'm so glad there was some light in your weekend. I can't wait to see you start the Rock Island Shawl, and the other yarn looks so pretty too.

    Dang. I'm ready to order that yarn too! And so cool on the signatures. I can't remember if you'd knitted with them before, although I know you are the one who told me of their existence! :)

    and finally sorry for unreliable neighbors! yeah, a call would be nice.

  5. It seems like neighbors have a way of being incredibly helpful in the theoretical sense, but when it comes to reality, not so much. At least through it all you have your yarn.

  6. Ugh. I know yarn doesn't make everything all better - certainly not the weekend you had. But at least it made for one small bright spot in the suckiness. :(

  7. You suck for getting Grand Street Ink. Just saying. I'm making mine in Red Rover.

  8. I have found that often friends & neighbors are not the best ones to ask when it comes to home repairs -- if it goes badly, you're still stuck with them living next door or coming for Christmas dinner.

    Yarn looks fabulous and I am desperately in love with the Rock Island shawl. I have just heard about Signature Stilettos and fear that I may need some. Please tell us they are terrible and/or that I have enough needles already.

  9. I'm finally, finally, getting caught up on blog reading! How cool is it to get Russian yarn. I love seeing yarn from all over the world. The first block of my Travel Afghan was gift yarn from South Africa. Nice!

    I dare you to post your wish list (see my blog post 4/20). You've been tagged!

  10. AND she's a Trekkie? Great girl. I'm just catching up. I hope things have calmed down around there.


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