Thursday, April 14, 2011

Prom II--The Horror Continues

Since this purports to be a knitting blog, I'll give you some knitting:

Colorwork is not my forte but I'm getting better and better at it. This is a hat for another designer. I really love this pattern and yarn--Cascade 220. It will be an epattern in the near future and as soon as it's out, I'll post a link.

With stranded knitting, I'm much more comfortable holding the yarn in separate hands, even though I'm a continental knitter through and through. It's the tensioning of the yarn in my right hand that takes practice. Usually, I'm pretty loose, but that actually helps in stranded knitting. I'm having no trouble with puckering on the right side of the fabric. I won't be switching to English knitting anytime soon, but I'm getting more competent with it. I think my floats look pretty good.

Some of you might recognize the fact that I'm using the Philosopher's Two-handed method of stranded knitting. It's what I was taught and the method I like the best. I am not a fan of long floats--if there's any place to catch a finger or jewelry on a long float I'll find it. I like the weaving action of this method and I don't feel like the weaves show through all that much.

As for prom--tonight we found out that one of the activities planned for After Prom is... wait for it... wait for it... a wedding chapel. I'm assuming this brilliant idea came from the same sh!t for brains that thought the parent chaperons should wear black and white. I'm pretty sure they caught on that I'm not very thrilled with this boneheaded scheme when I said something about punching somebody in the face if my daughter should come home with any stupid ideas. Ha ha. Apparently, the wedding chapel was done at another school and everybody thought it was a real crackup. Yeah. I'm laughing my ass off.

Eight hundred wedding rings have been purchased, presumably so the "happy couples" can pose for a photo opportunity. I guess if the kids are going to get stoned and knocked up on prom night, a wedding chapel makes sense. I can hardly wait.


  1. least they'll be consummating "marriages" instead of just "fooling around"?

    That is moronic. Some idiots going to find that to be official or something and...gah...I vote we burn down the chapel.

  2. love your blog. Prom Night has gotten out of control in many ways. But the chapel, and wedding rings, is way out of line. Maybe they are doing it to discourage kids from coming. I mean say you just have a casual date. At some level to, they seem to just be mocking marraige. Next they'll all think they should fly to vegas and do it for real. I think kids have a hard enough time living in the real world and that theme just seems to send the wrong message. Good luck, keep your humor.

  3. They had a wedding chapel at one of my high school events. My friends and I loved it because we didn't take it seriously and we went in large groups of 5 or 6 to all be "married" into one polygamist group. But we weren't as impressionable as some our classmates. A few seniors who were already 18 thought it was such a good idea they made plans to go to the courthouse for real.

  4. Took a class with Ann of Philospher's Wool at Madrona this year and love the technique.
    I quite agree with you the wedding chapel idea is nuts. Maybe they could also hand each couple a baby doll to complete the "family".

  5. As long as there's going to be a chapel, and the parents have to dress in black and white, how about nun's habits and priest/minister/rabbi vestments, and whatever other religious authority figures (and romantic mood killers) dress in black and white?

  6. Wait, what? Who encourages high school kids to play at weddings? That's so stupid I actually don't have words to describe it.

    Also blowing my mind is this two handed whatsit. I'm going to have to try this immediately.


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