Monday, May 2, 2011

It's almost my birthday, so you know what that means...

Yarn. Yarn so soft it's like petting angels. I'm not kidding. And there's also a giveaway. But first, I'm going to be a tease and make you read about my weekend.

I celebrated May Day and my upcoming birthday by going to the Great Western Alpaca Show. It's not just about alpacas. There was all the usual fiber festival stuff--classes, vendors, and very expensive food and parking. I sat in on Donna Druchunas' Japanese crochet class, which was really fun, then afterwards she bought me lunch. Thanks Donna! Pretty awesome in itself, right? But wait--it gets better. And more expensive, much more expensive...

I got to pet this guy. I can't remember his name, but the kid who raised him was awfully proud. Alpacas are so soft and fluffy, you just want to squeeze them like a pillow, but since they will kick the snot out of you, I restrained myself.

This white alpaca was being shown in the ring. It looked like the alpacas were doing some sort of agility course--you can see some of the stuff in the background. I have no clue why alpacas would need to do this, but it was fun to watch.

Maybe alpacas like to do crazy stuff and need to get tired out, otherwise they get out of control. Embiggen this photo and check out the signs:

One of the vendors had this very cool knitting machine that she let people take a turn at. You crank the handle and it makes a tube which you can use for socks and scarves:

Now for the pricey part--if you knit, you know what I mean. In my defense, it was on sale for the alpaca show, and tomorrow is my birthday. I couldn't help it and I don't care:

O.K. Enough with the teasing. To celebrate my birthday I'm going to have a giveaway--a very pretty project bag containing yarn and other goodies. No, it won't be qiviuk, but it will be something nice, I promise.

You don't have to do anything to be entered. If you follow my blog you'll automatically be in the drawing. It's just my way of saying thanks for reading. But if you aren't a follower, or for an extra chance at winning, leave a comment about why anyone would take an alpaca up a flight of stairs. Let's make the entry deadline midnight MST, May 4. I'll draw the winner on Cinco de Mayo, which is celebrated mostly here in the U.S., and mostly by drinking beer and eating stuff that gives you gas. Party on!


  1. Petting an alpaca is a lot nicer than petting an alligator, I'll bet!

    Have a happy birthday!

  2. Reasons to take an alpaca up a flight of stairs:
    1- he wouldn't fit in the elevator
    2- its flooding, you must protect the fiber!!!
    3- your heater's broken, your scissors are missing, and dammit, you're cold!
    4- your bedroom's grass is too tall?

  3. Oh good, I was afraid from the beginning of the post that you'd bought an alpaca! I was relieved to see that you had just fallen for the qiviut fiber.

  4. If people are pushing their dogs around in strollers these days, it doesn't seem surprising that someone would walk their alpaca up a flight of stairs.

  5. There's a story in Calgary about someone who rode a horse into the lobby of the Royal York (fancy hotel in Toronto) during Grey Cup (football) celebrations. He was allegedly under the influence.....perhaps you take an alpaca up the stairs to get it a drink??

  6. Why did the alpaca climb the stairs you ask? To get to the top floor!

  7. I have an alpaca sweater that I made years ago in my closet. It is the warmest thing ever!
    You should meet one of my friends. She dyes and spins the alpaca wool from her friend's animals. It is beautiful.

  8. Alpaca is pretty soft--and the animals are frequently gentle--i can totally understand wanting to squeeze them--

    and Happy (upcoming) birthday! hope its a great day--I had beautiful perfect spring weather--hope you do too!

  9. Obviously, it was to get to the other side. Duh! :) Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy birthday! My birthday is coming up this month too so I'm looking around for some yarn indulgences :)

  11. Fiber show. I didn't know. I want to go.
    (next year. - and there the rhyme abruptly ended.) :)

    Qiviuk. I must see this in person!

    Happy happy early birthday! I am glad you are celebrating you!

    oh and the japanese knitting class sounds so cool.

  12. Maybe the bathrooms are upstairs?

    And Happy (early) Birthday!

  13. Qikiuk- I thought it was mythical- like unicorns and dragons.


  14. Happy Birthday!
    I was going to say the alpaca goes up the stairs to get to the top but someone else already said it. So maybe he went up for the free food!

  15. Happy Birthday. I hope you get to eat lots of delicious cake all day long!!
    Having children that use to show horses I think the handlers sometimes forget they are working with animals that are not welcome everywhere.

  16. Happy Birthday! Why take an alpaca up the stairs? To keep him away from the goats that will try eating the precious fiber! (goats will eat anything!) Ha ha I got a mental image of a goat leaning over and nibbling on the hair of the alpaca! Hope you have a fabulous day!

  17. Happy upcoming Birthday! The alpaca went over the mountain(up the stairs)to see what he could see. Love alpaca wool! It is so very soft.
    Enjoy your day!

  18. Happy birthday! Cute alpacas!

  19. Up the stairs and to the left was the Alpaca raceway and the races do not start until the next day. They didn't want any alpacas getting an advantage seeing the course early. Funny photo though!
    Happy Birthday

  20. Happiest Birthday, my friend.

  21. Happy Birthday to You!
    (and to me later this month too!)

    I think the alpaca was on his way upstairs to put the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea!

    Now please excuse me while I go and buy a couple of alpacas ;-)


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