Thursday, June 30, 2011

Got brains?

Last weekend DD and I were hanging out together after she had another round with the oral surgeon. She was on light duty, so to speak, so we were looking for low impact activities. Got Paint? came to mind, and we trekked on over to the mall, figuring we'd spend the afternoon painting and bonding. Those paint-your-own-pottery studios are a blast. You get to make a mess creating cheesy, useless chotchkie, and somebody else cleans up. If only the rest of my life could be this way...

The pottery studio is pretty close to a Borders bookstore that some moron attempted to blow up the night before. (Take note of the guy's last name.) Apparently, he has nothing better to do than try and blow up bookstores and strip clubs. I don't get the connection, but I doubt he does either. We had no idea this was going on until we drove up to the mall and saw the crime tape and the news trucks everywhere. We checked things out on our phones while we were debating whether or not to stay. That's kind of a weird discussion to have, but post 911 and Columbine, it didn't feel out of the ordinary. I told DD we'd go inside and if my crap detector went off, we'd go someplace else. That's just how it is nowadays--welcome to the new reality.

We ended up spending several hours there and I painted a big ol' coffee mug with my new logo. It took me a little while to feel totally comfortable and maybe that's why the mug looks like a blindfolded kindergartener painted it, but we had a good time.

You just have to wonder what possesses people.


  1. That looks fabulous and sounds like fun. We have one nearby- hmm...

  2. Its great--logo's are important--(my 3 golden apples are just 2 inches tall (hard to tell on blog photo) but they are just the right tough--
    I like your jelly donut of knitting!

  3. Cute mug!
    We don't have anything like that here so I can't make my own mug. I'll enjoy looking at yours :)

  4. Ok, that is just nuts about your mall!
    Love your mug! So neat!

  5. Really???? The Borders??? :::shaking my head::: Like Borders doesn't have enough issues, they get THIS guy.

    Hope you daughter is feeling better soon.

    Your mug turned out adorable. Bet the coffee will taste even BETTER now.

  6. It is amazing the idiots out there. We had one bomb the Gamestop just before Christmas and he managed to ruin half the mall.
    Love the mug!!

  7. Sorry to hear about the idiot (I sort of laughed when I clicked the link and saw his last name -- it was kind of like "HA.") but it seems you made the best out of your day with DD. I hope she's handling all this oral misery well (it sounds like she's a real trooper).

    I think your mug turned out fantastically! I was actually going to ask if you'd done that through one of the print sites and were going to sell it. (Seriously.) :D

    And I'm totally on board with your "what possesses people" sentiment -- but you know that (thanks to Twitter) after my Walmart parking lot experience. . .

  8. Sometimes I wonder whether the world is crazier now than ever before, or if it's just that we know the details about the craziness thanks to the 24-hr news cycle and our online-all-the-time culture.

    But anyway -- I think your JelliDonut mug is pure awesome. You & DD deserved some fun!

  9. I love the mug.....I got some brains..some are sleeping though

  10. THATS what was going on...I wondered.

  11. Nice mug!
    Glad you're safe.
    Maybe the dude never learned to read and can't get a girlfriend...and that's why he's mad at those places.

  12. Very cute mug, it doesn't look like a kindergartener did it at all!

  13. I love the mug, it looks just like your logo!
    And some people have no brains and no compassion! I'm glad it didn't spoil your day.


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