Sunday, June 5, 2011


Our brand spanking new Ikea is due to open the end of July, more than two months early, but not nearly early enough for me. I need stuff from them so badly I could scream. Oh. Wait. I did scream last night, after searching for a hat blocking form for almost an hour and not finding it. Desperate times, but I can hold on.

Until Ikeahh! does open, I'll settle for the little things I can do now, like getting my circular needles organized. Today I went from this:

to this:

This Happy Bags etc. organizer was kinda sorta free. I used a gift certificate I got from A Knitted Peace, for spending $mumble-mumble in the last year.

I've searched all over the web and can't find a link to this organizers, which is a bit weird, but contact A Knitted Peace and I'm sure they'd be happy to send you one.


  1. I have something just like that from the mid-80's — it's still going strong, but there's no way it holds all my circus any more!

  2. Ikea sells hat forms?

    Used to love Ikea, but haven't been to one in ages. They have good gadgets.

    Hey, sorry if you got any spam email from me over the weekend, my account got hacked. :-(

  3. Your needles look so spiffy now!

  4. $mumble-mumble....haaaa! Too funny!!!

    The time I waste searching for stuff! So glad an Ikea store is opening near you.
    I also love the container store (

  5. Love an organized knitting space -- nice job on re-homing your circulars. Are you going to buy the cube shelving from Ikea?

  6. Wool Free--Oh, me too! I love it when I can just walk into a space and everything is where you last put it. Actually, I'm thinking about the Hemnes line--one of the mid-size pieces. Will see how I feel about it when I see it in person.

  7. I think I must be the only person in the world that doesn't love IKEA. LOL

    I'm more of a Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn kinda girl.

  8. Ok my circular needles are currently all trying to crawl out of a mason jar. I have got to head to knitted peace. Thanks for sharing that!

    I'm looking forward to ikea too although, I wouldn't have guessed they had hat blocking forms!

  9. I may have to steal your "Ikeahh!" name. Love that store. (Where I spend $mumble-mumble every time I walk in the door.)


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