Saturday, June 25, 2011

Odds and Ends

I was trying to clear my brain yesterday. Multiple projects for multiple people, an unexpected trip to the oral surgeon for DD, and a serious case of start-itis left me out of focus. I decided to play with the camera and worked on shallow depth of field shots. This close-up of my wee bit of lavender isn't exciting but does illustrate fairly well the concept of shallow depth of field.

DD had a complication from her wisdom teeth removal back in March. I will spare you the gross details, but all is well now. She is one tough cookie, that daughter of mine! One day she will come to the Way of the Wool, and sheep everywhere will rejoice. Or not. Her choice. Last night I started a blanket for her new dorm abode. It is black and gold, the University of Colorado colors. The part of my brain with common sense says to plan on finishing this in time for Parent's Weekend at CU, mid October. The Screw Delayed Gratification Finish It NOW part says get it done in time for move-in day, mid August. Let's see which side will win. I haven't started working with the gold yarn yet, so no photos. I find black notoriously difficult to photograph, so I'm not wasting the pixels.

Work on The Book continues. Everyday I'm thankful for Donna's guidance and wisdom. Without it, I'd be in deep dodo. She has such a clear vision of what our book will be--I have no doubt it will get written and published and be something we can be proud of. I have no clue how many copies we can sell, but I do know what all my relatives and friends will be receiving gift-wise for a long, long time. To borrow a phrase from, yes, I did write it and no, you can't return it.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!


  1. I'd knit for the August deadline, with the comfort that if delays happen, there's another opportunity coming up.

  2. I intend to be an "early adopter" of the book, to throw around the marketing lingo. Just let me know when to pre-order on Amazon :-)

    I'm glad your daughter's on the "getting better side" of the dental problems - nice to have that all out of the way before college starts. Have you warned her that the yarn stash is eyeing her room and counting the days?

  3. I always have trouble getting the true color of yarn in my pictures. I wonder if I got a new camera if it would help? hahaha

  4. Glad your daughter is feeling better and congrats on the book! So exciting.

  5. Yes, start-its, although fun at the time just leads to a WIP hangover.

  6. Nice use of DOF, and I can’t wait to see the blanket and book.


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