Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shout-out to Yarn West

Yarn West is a lovely LYS in Evergreen, Colorado, where I used to live once upon a time. Unfortunately they didn't exist when I lived in Evergreen. It's a pretty quiet place when you get over the novelty of herds of elk in your backyard, so it would have been nice to have a yarn shop close by. And yes, John Hinckley Jr. did live there when he was a kid. I used to get asked that a lot. His parents left shortly after the whole infamous mess, and I'm not sure I would have known who they were if I saw them in the grocery store, but I can point out where they lived if you're interested.

Laura Watt opened Yarn West just over a year ago. She is seriously one of the nicest people you will ever meet and absolutely the nicest LYS owner I know. I hadn't seen her in a while and today she remembered my first AND last name, and knew everything that had come into the store, yarn-wise, since the last time I was in. She never makes you feel like you have to buy something, so of course I do. Not that I need coaxing... YW is such a nice place to hang out and knit or fondle the new merchandise or whatever. I seriously think she would be alright with a person camping out there for the day, knitting and socializing. She just makes you feel at home, and to me that's what your local yarn shop should be about.

Happy one year anniversary, Yarn West. Here's to many, many more!


  1. I've had the pleasure of going to a LYS where I was treated that well. It was shortly after my son was born -- and I hadn't been able to stop by in the many months prior. I'd only been in once before that and the owner recognized me. She was thrilled to see my infant as if we were old friends. . .
    I wasn't planning on buying anything that trip but I -- like you -- tend to buy more when I'm not made to feel like I need to.
    The store owner's sister had knitted up a beautiful scarf out of one of the yarns that I was interested in buying, though the colorway I wanted was out of stock (and not being replaced). As a gift for the "new mommy," the store owner gave me the scarf. I was dumbfounded!
    I've not been to too many LYS and have never had quite the experience as I've had at that one. . . It was also glaringly different from what I've experienced at bead shops, whose owners (usually) make you feel like you're invading their homes. . .

    What a nice way to celebrate your LYS's anniversary! :D

  2. I have yet to find a LYS to call my own because the closest one is in the next town over and I'm so broke it's hardly worth the effort, so I've never even visited. Sigh . . . someday I'll find my Yarn West!

  3. That sounds awesome. I want to go there right now. Thanks for writing about Yarn West.

    Also, I think I neglected to say that your blog redesign looks awesome!

  4. I was just looking for their website and found your post - I stopped in to Yarn West yesterday for the first time and have to echo your sentiments. I'm new to knitting and Laura was wonderfully helpful without ever making me feel like a newbie. It felt like home! I'll definitely be going to her for all my knitting needs in the future.


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