Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cherry Creek Arts Festival Redux

I guess it's technically not a redux if this is the first time I've mentioned the Cherry Creek Arts Festival on this blog, but I like the word REDUX and I did tweet about it, so redux it is!

It's probably been ten years or more since the last time we attended the CCAF and it's changed a lot. The thing is absolutely huge--I'm pretty sure we didn't even see it all even though we wandered around for hours. Thank goodness for the ice-cold and not expensive beer stands is all I can say. That was probably the most affordable thing at the festival, next to the free water from Eldorado Springs. When the guy found out we've been customers of their delivery service for a long time, he gave us several bottles. Since it was really hot that day and (for me) porta-potties and multiple beers are a bad combo, the water was appreciated.

Don't get me wrong--there were lots of gorgeous pieces of art but $5,000+ for a painting is way outside of my budget. $500+ for a photo is out of the question, too. I was beginning to think I'd be leaving empty handed, and I was also lamenting the lack of fiber artist, when I came upon this booth:

This is Krista Gorrell of Slim Pik'en Design and she has the most gorgeous hand felted accessories. I bought this infinity scarf:

The colors are stunning and the quality of her work is superb. Plus, her helper in the booth held my beer while I shopped. You can't get customer service like that in a mall. Krista and her associate were a whole lot friendlier than some of the people working the other booths. Call me cranky, but if you're going to ask me to spend a few mortgage payments on your artwork, maybe look up and say hello when I walk into your booth. Just a suggestion...

CCAF is a great place to take the family, even if you can't afford much there. They have a ton of stuff for kids to do--painting, clay, chalk art--and they even let adults participate.

We also got to see the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile, which is always fun. Sorry, Wiener fans, I didn't get a photo but I hear there might be something on Twitter...

Here's something I would have bought if I had somewhere to put it:

Aren't they cool? They look almost like they're knitted.

We had a lot of fun and we're not going to let ten more years pass before we attend another Cherry Creek Arts Festival, but I'm hoping I win the lottery by then. Or maybe Krista will come back and I'll just buy her stuff and beer. Works for me!


  1. Cool stuff! I love the grey hat with the black stripes!

  2. I can get you a 20'x30' print of my photo art for $25 in case you need some art. : )

  3. Sounds a lot like the street fair here in DL. Might have to try to check it out someday.
    So what kind of photo do you get for $500? Size? Frame?

  4. Looks like it was a nice day. I like walking around fairs (craft, art, etc) but I don't care for porta potties either.

  5. Yes, I like that word too: Redux! And thanks for sharing. We are going to have to go to the CCAF next year!

  6. This sounds like a great way to spend a day! Artists are a curious lot, aren't they? Many of them seem to have separation issues.


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