Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sock Summit, Day Four: Crazy Good!

Today I took JC Briar's sock pattern writing class. It was only a half day class but we tried to convince her it should be six hours. Or maybe one of those two-day intensive workshop things they do after Stitches. Or hey! How about an entire WEEK. The only reason she didn't run from the room screaming is because we had the door blocked. Ahem.

It was a great class with a ton of information. I'll hit the highlights of this, and my other classes when I get home and get my notes organized.

Another cool thing about Sock Summit, besides the flash mob, is getting to see new books and meet the authors. I saw Ilisha Helfman walk by and asked if I could take some photos of her stunning scarf. She showed me her new book Jazzknitting, An Introduction. It has some of the most amazing knitting I've ever seen! I'd never heard of jazz knitting until I talked to Ilisha, and I would love to take a class.

Isn't this amazing? Click on the close up below. Gorgeous!


It's been almost overwhelming at times. Not only have I gotten to hang out with Donna Druchunas, but today I'm walking around the convention center and in a matter of a few minutes I see Cookie A, The Yarn Harlot, Carrie Sullivan, Shannon Oakey, Tina Newton, Anne Hanson, Cat Bordhi, Franklin Habit, and Anna Zilboorg. I swear I almost had to sit down, I was so verklempt. But it gets better. Sivia Harding happens to be standing there wearing her fabulous new sweater. I tell her how gorgeous it is AND SHE TAKES IT OFF AND HANDS IT TO ME. No, not to keep, but so I could see the construction. I know I got all fan girl on her but I don't care. Sivia is just the nicest person you could ever meet and is stunningly beautiful too.

I don't know how they can possibly top Sock Summit 2011, but I'm sure Tina and Stephanie will come up with something.


  1. I LOVE your posts about Sock Summit!

    So cool you got to see all those knitting celebs. By the way, when I lived in Portland, I interviewed "Jazzknitter" Ilisha Helfman and published it on my blog.

    She is one talented woman, and I was blown away by her creations.

    What a great time you are having during Sock Summit, Susan...

  2. You are having soooooooooooo much fun ! I'm enjoying the daily reports. Now that really is an interesting shawl/scarf thingy. Continue to enjoy and also let us know if you have run into any great eateries.

    Carolyn / Two Cables

  3. Okay ... now I am officially jealous! LOL Cookie A is the one I would probably go all fan-girl over.

  4. The Jazzknitting is very interesting!


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