Friday, July 29, 2011

Sock Summit, Day Two: The Mother of all LYS

A prudent spouse will only say that she showed great restraint and practicality. Color me prudent at the yarn market today. Ahem.

Let me instead divert your attention to the world's largest sock:

It's been on the needles since 2006, and has travelled to many shows and knit shops where knitters are invited to jump right in and knit a bit. Takes about 45 minutes to knit one round of the 1500 cast on stitches. Think about that next time you're freaking out about a shawl with a 350 stitch cast on. Skacel is promoting this behemoth. I should have counted the number of circular needles in this bad boy when I sat down and knitted a needle's worth. See the binder in the center of this crazy mass of yarn? The hosting group invites knitters to sign the guest book after they've taken a turn. So far, they've filled five binders.

The sock will probably take a few more years. The plan is to make the leg twelve feet long before they start the heel. Right now it's seven feet long.

There's a sock hop tonight, and everybody is supposed to show up in 80's style clothes. I just can't make myself revisit the nightmare of spandex and gigantic shoulder pads, so I'm showing up in skinny jeans. Or as skinny as jeans can get when they're on my ass. Double ahem.

I'll leave you with an iPhone photo I took just before we started our decent into Portland. Extra points if you can name this mountain.


  1. Funny, funny ! Who thought of the big sock I wonder. Is it suppose to go in the Guiness Book of Records ! Don't they realize you can't just do one sock, socks come in pairs. I'm estimating it's going to take them 7.5 years to complete both. Just kidding.
    Sounds like you're having fun and the photo from the plane is beautiful. Enjoy !

    Carolyn / Two Cables

  2. Mt. Hood?

    That sock is something else. LOL

  3. Mount Hood!

    Yowza, that sock is hee-huge....

  4. Yes, Mt. Hood!

    I asked the guys in the Skacel booth about the giant sock, and they had never heard of it. I took one of them over there to see it, and he was stunned. Whipped out his iPhone to take a picture.

    Have fun at the rest of Sock Summit!

  5. What a beautiful shot of Mt......Hood?

    Holy Sock! :)

  6. Mt Hood! I remember it from the Ramona books as a kid.

    I love the giant sock! I would love to brag about knitting on it some day.

  7. I'm waiting to hear someone complain that they're making the sock top-down instead of toe-up. And why aren't they doing two at a time? The second sock syndrome is going to be a nightmare on this one :-)

  8. Mt Hood! I love that row of huge mountains down the west coast. Baker, Rainier, St Helen's, Hood, that's all I can name off the top of my head. They're all so impressive from an airplane, towering above the Cascades. Thanks for the SS report.


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