Monday, September 5, 2011


Who or what inspires you? Last week Donna Druchunas gifted me with, among other things, this bounty from her garden:

Most of these lovely veggies ended up in a delicious pasta sauce I created--inspiration never tasted so good!

When I created my new studio, I was inspired to tackle some projects that have been hanging over my head for a while now. Somehow in my newly organized space, it was easier to sit down and get the work done.

Every time I read through the blogs I follow I'm inspired by you, my fellow bloggers. There's so much creativity out there, I'll never be able to create all the projects on my wish list, but that's O.K. The desire to try is what inspires me.

Don't forget to enter my giveaway. As a special Thank You to those who follow my blog, if you leave a comment on this blog post about what inspires YOU you'll get an extra chance to win. It doesn't have to be knitting or cooking inspiration either. Tell me about anything that lights your creative fuse.

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Have you ever seen the childrens book "how are you Peeling"? Your vegetables remind me of the ones in that book. Such character. That's one thing that inspires me...thinking of the ridiculous... And those rare moments when I am caught off guard by someone else's ridiculousness!

  2. Color always inspires me as does nature. I love looking out at the sky and tree tops and just let my mind wander. What did this area look like when that tree was just planted? What was that hill like before it was leveled off for the parking lot? Were there more birds nesting in that corner or less?

  3. I know that I'm definitely a product knitter because beautiful finished pieces are what inspires me. Yes, I love to ooh and aah over pretty yarn and pet it to my heart's content. But actually seeing something made in it? That's what really gets me motivated to create.

  4. I find I'm inspired by things when I'm not looking for inspiration - my blog post yesterday contained a bunch of unusual words, my reaction to one of them inspired me to write a children's story (something I haven't done for ages!)

  5. a note book or white board are great tool (or both!) jot down ideas as they come to you...

    and nothing is too wild or crazy--you can always edit afterwards--but don't as the ideas come. some times, the craziest ideas are the best!

    and have a basket of mini balls hand--small balls are great for swatches or playing with a stitch idea, or..

    Move too, where you sit--if you always sit and face wall A (a wall of shelves of yarn, you'll always be seeing the same yarn. turn the chair and see something else (the bookcase say) and you be inspired to so some thing with broken stripes in many colors (as the spine of the book look on the shelves...

  6. Inspirations? Well, yarn, of course. Walking through a well-organized fabric store (which,in Calgary, are getting harder and harder to find). Anything with the word silk in it. Recipes inspire me to be a better cook. And red wine inspires me to do just about anything (I have signed up for races, committed to fitness challenges, book clubs and travel adventures whilst in the throes of it!!)

  7. Okay, this might be goofy, but I get inspired by water. Rivers, lakes, oceans. Well, the Pacific Ocean, I don't spend time at the Atlantic but I'm sure it--or any other ocean--would inspire me as well. I do my knitting on lunch breaks overlooking a babbling creek, which just makes everything better.

  8. Looking at all the wonderful projects on Ravelry inspires me. I just have to be careful not to get sucked into the vortex of endless surfing there!

  9. Lately I've been noticing great purses and tote bags -- and thinking about how one eye catching feature can be the start of a pattern for a new design. (Now I need to bravely sit down and write up the designs -- a new endeavor for me!)

    Sometimes for my writing all I need is two or three words juxtaposed in an interesting way and suddenly there's a character or a scene.

  10. I'm inspired by 1930's-1940's American stuff. When things were made by hand and much of the time, invented out of necessity due to lack. I love old wooden handmade crates that are beautiful, but built to be utilitarian-to hold milk bottles, or vegetables. I love an old table with wooden nails and inlaid wood, carefully built by someone who probably had calloused hands from honing his craft. And nothing gets the juices going like listening to Louis Armstrong play his trumpet like nobody's business. :) Thanks for asking! I'm smiling now and ready to get on with my day!


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