Monday, September 19, 2011

Meme Monday--Getting My Lemming On

I've never been much for memes. I'd rather read about other people than tell you stuff you can hold against me in the future. But I've been challenged by a certain other blogger, and I figure that gives me license to copy and paste her work. Also, we have a lot of things in common, which is even more of a reason. (I highlighted where we answered pretty close to the same.)  Here's the link to the person who started the meme.

Age:  Recently turned 55, and I act like a two year old at times, so if you take the average, I'm 28. 

Bed:  Queen sized, and barely big enough for two humans and one eleven pound dog. Guess which one takes up the most room?

Chore that you hate:  Don't really hate any of them, although dusting seems pretty pointless--it just keeps coming back from nowhere.

Dogs:  See "Bed." 

Essential to start my day:  Quiet time and coffee. Take either from me at your own risk. And I am not kidding in the slightest. 

Favorite color:  I really can't pick a favorite color. That's like picking your favorite child.

Gold or silver:  Gold!  White or yellow --- but, gold all the way.

Height:  5'4"

Instruments that you play:  Have tried piano, guitar, and violin.  Found I'm best at the MP3 player.

Job Title:  Assistant, but I really prefer Empress.

Kids:  Two really great ones!

Live:  I prefer Tape Delayed because you can cut out the parts where I look really bad and say things I regret.

Mom's name:  Rose, which I think is very pretty.

Nicknames:  I never had a nickname growing up. Now I have a husband who has about a hundred different ones for me, and no I won't tell you any of them because I will never be allowed to live them down. 

Overnight hospital stays:  Two, see "Kids." I should have left earlier from the first one--my roommate hadn't given birth yet and whined INCESSANTLY. The second one, I had a private room and I have fond memories of the adjustable bed and the half dozen pillows that surrounded me. I'd probably still be there if the coffee had been decent.

Pet Peeves:  Bad personal hygiene. We went out for lunch today and the hostess had a runny nose. She kept wiping it ON HER FINGERS then she would hand the waiters the menus and napkins as they seated people. We left. Gross! What are you, three years old? Blow your nose then wash your hands! Did I mention gross?

Quote from a movie:  "I'm not gonna play... by their rules... anymore." ~ Phil Connors (Bill Murray) Groundhog Day

Right or left:  Right. I can't even wave goodbye with my left hand.

Siblings:  Seven sisters. And no, I'm not making this up.

Take-Out-Food:  Chipotle, hands down the best fast food take out place EVER. And not just because I like their cheap margaritas. 

Underwear:  Clean is best. Words to live by.

Veggies:  Love most of them.  Even eggplant. 

What makes you run late:  Blogging and staying in the shower too long. Sue me. 

Xrays:  Yes --- regularly at the dentist and several other times throughout my life.  

Yummy food:  Pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks--non-fat, hold one pump of the sweetener, light whip, a slice of the gingerbread loaf on the side. NOW please. 

Zoo Animals:  Anything but snakes. ANYTHING.


  1. We are practically twins!!! Maybe I could be your eighth sister. LOL

  2. So, let's forget the fact that you're technically old enough to be my mother (though my mother would be about 8 years older than you).......can we be sisters or something? So many of these answers are like mine (or I can hear me saying them in my own snarky voice).


  3. Seven sisters? I'm the youngest of five (one brother) and it was enough to drive me 'round the bend. At least my brother is part way sane.

  4. Loved your answers. I miss Chipotle. They need to open one in Calgary. I do have poutine and dill pickle potato chips however. Win some, lose some.

  5. Love your answer to color...can't pick a favorite. That's perfect. 7 sisters? Your dad is a brave man. :) Thanks for sharing!

  6. You are too funny. I have 4 sisters.....
    maybe I need 2 more...


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