Friday, September 9, 2011

Tell Me About It

Congratulations to Helen, Rebecca, and Natalie, the winners of my latest giveaway! I'll let you know which prize is yours and get them on their way soon. Thanks everybody for all your great comments. And don't fret if you didn't win. There will be more giveaways in the future because I LOVE doing them!

I know lots of knitting bloggers have FO Fridays but since I don't seem to be finishing anything I can blog about, instead I'll do Tell Me Friday.

Yesterday I got my brand new (hopefully) permanent crown put on. My dentist is a really nice guy--DH once yanked him off the golf course because I had a tooth ache the day before I was supposed to fly out to Someplace I Can't Remember. (His diagnosis was that I clench my teeth in my sleep and he had a night guard made for me. I seriously love wearing this thing, which probably says something about oral fixations and such but we won't go there today.)

Anyway, while he's gluing in the new crown yesterday, he asked me why I thought people didn't go to their high school reunions, especially if they still live in the same town as their high school. I wasn't sure how to respond since it seemed to me he'd answered his own question. He thought maybe it had to do with cliques and maybe people didn't want to socialize with the people who reminded them of what a tough time high school was. When he took his hands out of my mouth I said something about not really remembering my high school as being particularly "clique-y." It was more like a been-there-done-that-bought-the-tee-shirt kind of experience for me, so I didn't see the need to get on an airplane and revisit the whole thing. No, I've never been to a high school reunion.

Have I missed out on one of life's greatest experiences? Is my perception that hanging with a bunch of people who are way older and dumpier than we ever dreamed we'd be a much more fun night than I give it credit for? If I went to one of my high school reunions, would the guy from my geometry class who used to ask me to study with him admit he had a crush on me, since I barely passed geometry and he was a mathematical genius?

Tell me if you've ever been to your high school reunion. If so, did you like it? If not, why not. Were the hotties still hot? Did the geeks end up inventing Post It Notes? And if you're like me and have never gone, why have you skipped it? Tell me, I'd love to know!


  1. I went at 10 years and just as everyone was looking a little rougher around the edges, I was just beginning to "bloom.". I was unofficially declared the "best preserved.". That's a tough act to follow so I haven't gone back. One reason is that I have a hard time imagining that the people who were so rude "in the day" actually grew up much-in spite of the friend requests on Facebook.

  2. I went to both my 5 and 10 year....we all look the same except fatter, more gray hair, and well...fatter.

    My 15 year isn't until 2013 so, we'll see.

  3. I've never gone to a HS reunion (don't even know if there ever was one.. my HS (Walton, NYC BofE) had a graduating class of 1,300 students (Yeah, i am a baby boomer) I didn't go to public elementary school, so i didn't start out with any school friends--and while i made a few--none stood the test of time (some i suspect, unless they changed their ways) ended up dead of drug overdoses. some i know, ended up single mothers.

    I changed (radically) and moved away, and if i ever went to a reunion, it would be mostly a group of strangers. I guess i could be different in a small town (i once worked with a guy who's HS class had 23 students-but i am guessing most classes were bigger (than 23) but only a few were 1,300.

  4. My ten year reunion is supposed to be next year, but I probably won't be going for two reasons 1) we're all a bunch of slackers so I doubt anyone's going to step up and organize it and 2) anyone that I really want to see I still do.

  5. My 10 year is coming up soon (oh god!) and I doubt I'll go. I had a really awful time in HS and I just don't think that it would be emotionally healthy for me to go. Last year I went to the funeral of my favorite English teacher (we stayed close even after graduation) and ran into some of my class mates. It seems that some people can't say something nice even 8 years later. Example: I was talking to a former teacher and mentioned my husband. The old clique was participating in the conversation and one snidely said, "I don't even know why anyone would bother getting married. You're just going to divorce anyway."

    I just stared at her and made her feel really uncomfortable.

  6. Never been to my high school reunion. My class was so huge I didn't even know everyone. And we were always overseas so I wasn't flying home for it. I have been to two of my husband's high school reunions. He went to HS in a different state and is 4 yrs older than me. And his class was a total of 200 where mine was about 1400! I knew two people at my Don's HS reunions.

  7. I went to a small school in a small town. I do have lots of fond memories of high school so I've enjoyed going back. I've been to my 10 and 20. One reason is that it worked out that my brother in law graduated with me. His brother married another good friend from our class so we've always planned it as well. I don't know. They were fun. You know our first reunion was pre-facebook. Heck caller id had just come about so it was kinda fun to really see everyone for the first time after ten years. But now with facebook and I'm in contact with just about everyone I'd like to be - reunions might become almost anti-climactic.

  8. Went to my 10th with baby one on my hip - looking good, momma! Went to my 20th and had to get stoned in order to walk in! And left, five minutes later! HA! Returned next day, sheepishly, for softball game where admiring the guys in shorts was the order for the day. It was fun, Jelli, with or without the weed! HA!
    Would I go again - no way, Jose!

  9. I've asked friends this question and the consensus was that many who still live locally to the HS don't go to the reunions because they see each other all the time in the grocery store, the football stands, etc.

    As for me, I hated the whole experience and have happily remained out of touch with absolutely everyone I went to school with. When invited to the 25th reunion (surely I am making that number up, it could not be true, could it?), my classmates had planned a picnic at someone's farm where the entertainment was to play in the pond -- hot dogs & burgers were provided, but you had to bring your own beverages and lawn chairs.

  10. I've never gone to one...mainly because I went to such a big school and I already keep in touch with my best friend from school that I really don't feel any desire to see a bunch of people that I don't remember, lol!

    We went to my hubby's 20th and he had a lot of fun, because I guess by that time no one's out to impress anyone anymore???

  11. I always find reunions to be somewhat of a sore spot. I am not friends with anyone I went to high school with and frankly, I don't care to reminisce about those days either. I was well liked and I liked most everyone but these days, since so much time has passed and I moved away while mostly everyone else stayed, I feel too disconnected. Maybe it's because I feel like everyone is there to judge how good you look or how well you've done and I dont' dig that. I have not been to any reunions and my 20 yr is coming up soon....don't plan on going to that one either.


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