Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mia Culpa, Mia Culpu

I’d apologize for neglecting my poor blog for so long, but I think I did that the last time I blogged, so let me just skip to what I’ve actually been doing. I’ll spank myself later.

In no chronological order I:

Knit this  shawl:

Watched some tennis:

Cleaned my studio (no photos because it’s a wreck again)

Went to a lecture by Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Wrote an article for, which may or may not ever see the light of day.

Knitted a uterus for Senator Michael Bennet:

Did an interview with a German radio journalist using Skype.

Became a moderator for the Ravelry group Government Free V-JJ.

Joined up with Donna Druchunas and Annie Modesitt to create the Government Free V-JJ movement. It’s been v-jjs 24/7 since then.

How about you? Anybody knitting lady parts? Anybody have some awesome news on their own blogs that I know nothing about because I’ve neglected you so horribly? Give me a nudge and let me know.

Back to emailing photos of uteri. I love my life—it’s never dull.


  1. I may have to join the aforementioned group just to have some women solidarity...even if I never get around to making a uterus or va-jj of my own...

  2. I have missed you muchly. We seem to have fallen off the earth about the same time. hope you're doing okay. Love when you blog--anything that you blog. Love it.

  3. Missed you but knew you were busy. I find myself running out of time each day and my blog has suffered.[sigh] but we can only do what we can do in a day.
    Love your shawl. A knitted uterus, hmmm... haven't heard of that one.

  4. Glad to know all is well. I've been following occasionally on twitter to know that you're fighting the good fight. Keep up the good work.

  5. Yay! I've missed your blogging. Yay for your VJJ work. Love your knitted uterus! And that shawl, it is beautiful! I love the colors you chose too.

  6. All of you darling commenters: I've missed you muchly too! Two Cables--thanks! I'm crocheting another uterus. Haven't made a crochet project in forever. It's fun!

    cpeezers--you put me to shame, all your posts with that darling Davey!

    sophanne--are you Twitter? Let me know, I'll follow you if you want.

    SusanB--I'm betting you're even busier than I am, so thanks for stopping by.

    Marie--thanks for such nice compliments. Let me know when you post on your blog next time and I promise to visit. That goes for all of you with blogs. Nudge me and I'll visit you, I promise!

    Jody--you are missed too, more than you know.

    Renee Anne--please DO join us!

  7. Welcome back. I've missed your blog.


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