Monday, April 16, 2012

I curse you,!

A while ago a friend turned me on to The good news? I've bought some really cool stuff at really cool prices. The bad? I've bought some really cool stuff at really cool prices.

One of my finds was a gorgeous travel case for my iPad. It was marked down from stupid-expensive to just expensive. Yay for me. I needed something with a strap that I could thrown on and have my hands free for boarding flights while arm-wrestling for overhead bin space.

My favorite purchase, however, has been this:

It's a footstool knitted with a cotton/nylon rope. I can't remember where I initially saw this about a year ago, but I seriously wanted it. had it marked down to a price so low I probably couldn't have made it myself for that money, not to mention the beating my hands would have taken knitting with broomstick size needles and rope. I love this thing.

Let me know if you want an invitation to but don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. That foot stool looks super cool. Very jealous!

  2. Cool footstool! I have not heard of I think I would like to! :)

  3. Though I want one, I'm not sure it would do much good for my bank balance!


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