Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One More Reason to Never Watch TV Again

This is going to be a totally random my-god-what-is-she-talking-about kind of post because I've recently discovered I'm allergic (or sensitized) to sunscreen, and at this very moment I'm having a reaction to the sunscreen I put on a little while ago. So yeah! Good times!

These are some of the stitch markers I made for the Sock Summit stitch marker trade. Yes, I'm going, and yes, I realize how lucky I am, and yes, I'll bring you back something. Giveaway time! W0ot! Stay tuned... If I can put two coherent thoughts together tomorrow, I'll blog a little more about Sock Summit and some book related things, and if I haven't started to pack by then, I'll ask for volunteers to kick me in the butt.

Totally off-topic and random: DD just turned the TV on, and it was tuned to the TLC channel. Some guy was talking about his addiction to pulling hair out of drains, and he was wondering how to tell his girlfriend. I cannot make this crap up. And yes, I'm sober. I think I'll kill my TV now.


  1. I bought things to make stitch markers for the SS swap, but I still haven't made them! It may or may not happen.

    Sorry about the sunscreen issue. That would be difficult.

    See you in Portland, next week. So soon!

  2. I saw that show too. I've watched it before (the one with the girl who ate toilet paper) and thought, wow, I'm surprisingly normal. But even this one was too weird for me.

  3. Love the stitch markers. The one thing I miss about TV are weird shows like that.

  4. That's terrible! But those stitch markers ate gorgeous!

    Hope you have loads of fun at Sock Summit.

  5. Hmmmmmmmmmm...can't say I'm addicted to the drain thing, but I did once pull a small animal's worth of hair out of the shower drain. (This was when we first moved in ---- haven't had to since, thank goodness!)

    On a happier note ... congrats on getting to go to sock summit. The stitch markers are ADORABLE! Have fun!

  6. I've got to assume that you (between hair raising episodes) have been practicing your flash mob dance?

  7. Ugh. I can't even watch the commercials for that addiction show. It's crazy.

    I hope you get over your reaction quickly. ugh.

    Your stitch markers are great!

    And I was wondering if you were going to go to Sock Summit. How cool cool cool!

  8. So cool you get to go to Sock Summit! Love your stitch markers!

    I don't have the tv on during the day so I'm glad I missed the addiction show!

  9. You are going to Portland?!?! LUCKY YOU!!!

    I wish I could go too! But I am stuck in sizzling sveltering NYC...

    Your stitch markers are ADORABLE. Can I buy them online perhaps?

    I hope you have time to go to my precious yarn shop "Closeknit" on Alberta Street in NE Portland. I miss my people over there...

  10. Sorry about the sunscreen reaction - not good.
    Look forward to hearing about Sock Summit. Never been but would love to go.

  11. Do you think he would come pull the hairs out of my drain?

    I think his mental problem is telling him he needs to be a plumber...

  12. thanks for this one, it puts all my quirkiness into proper perspective.

    enjoy sock summit... stitch markers are probably a form of currency there.

  13. Have a great time, and be careful. You will be surrounded by addicted people... but I doubt we knitters are weird enough to make that particular show.

  14. That is nasty.

    The markers, however, are lovely.

  15. The sunscreen thing is odd, and highly inconvenient! Have fun at SS!

  16. Wow, enjoy your trip ! Sorry about the sunscreen allergy. Surely there is another solution be it a home remedy or something... In regards to the man on TLC with the obsession, I wonder what I would think if my loved one came at me with that news ?!

    Carolyn / Two Cables

  17. I love those stitch markers! And, yes, you're very lucky to be going to Sock Summit. I would have loved to go, but am going to a Jazz Festival next week that starts with a party Wednesday night. Just a bit too much travel in a short time. So please have fun for all of us!!


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