Monday, May 17, 2010

Channeling my inner Ansel Adams

My interests tend to be pricey. If you're a knitter or a photographer, you know what I mean. Yarn can run the gamut from Red Heart acrylic to are-you-freaking-kidding-me Karabella cashmere, or worse. Same thing with cameras and all the doodads you tell yourself YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE in order to get that make-me-rich Lindsay Lohan crotch shot. (I just used up my entire monthly allotment of gross-out in one sentence. This is a skill that's taken a lifetime to hone, so do not judge me.)

DD just won't let go of this go to college idea, so I've vowed to keep my photography expenses to the barest minimum possible while still being able to get that Lindsay Lohan you-know-what shot. This past weekend I took a class in Environmental Abstract Photography, and oh my gosh, it took all the willpower I possess not to head straight for the nearest Sony store and buy a macro lens. An EXPENSIVE macro lens. Hell, that's a redundancy if there ever was one--everything about macro photography is expensive, but it can be so amazingly cool. I did the best I could with the equipment I had and got some shots that I am in serious love with, but any macro shooting was out of the question for me.

Fast-forward to today. After hunting all morning on-line, I have tracked down a not-too-pricey macro lens. It's on hold at a secret location, while I work up the energy to shower and drive there. I'm fighting a cold, thanks to a certain high school student who will go unnamed. Or as she likes to call herself, the Petri Dish. It's the lowest low-end macro lens available, and I won't be able to shoot things like fly eyelashes but I can live with that.

Here's one of my photos from the class. (Please insert the usual "this photo belongs to JelliDonut and if I use it and pretend it's mine she will have Petri Dish lick my face" clause.) And have a fabulous week!


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