Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The only thing left to do is get "Knitting Geek" tattooed onto my butt

Looks like my newly discovered thing with swatching isn't just a fling; it's a full-blown love affair. I'm still swatching for my new shawl/shawlette pattern and I'm as fascinated with it as the day I created the stitch pattern in Cat Bordhi's Engineering New Stitch Patterns class. Every new swatch teaches me something different. I have the body of the piece worked out (I think) and now I'm finalizing the border.

I didn't get any really great photos during the class. I was too busy being obsessive about my stitch pattern and I also didn't want to disrupt the class. I'm still figuring out the when and how of photographing events like this. I asked Cat if it was O.K. to post stuff about the class on my blog and she was more than gracious about it. I'm still a little hesitant to photograph participants--when and how do I let them know the photos might end up on my blog? Do I have to have them sign a release? It's all a bit awkward. I'm hoping my upcoming photography class will answer my questions. Meanwhile, here's a  photos from the class.

Even though this photo isn't technically great, it's still my favorite from the day. This is Cat helping someone (didn't get her name) with a sock fitting issue.

I'll post some swatch photos in a day or two. I need to buy a bounce flash and an infinity board to get the types of photos I'm after. Photography makes knitting seem low-cost, but with this blog, they go hand in hand and I really have no choice. Are you buying into my reasoning? Yeah, I thought so.


  1. i use a piece of white styrofoam (packing material) --about 18 inches square, and a square ottoman.

    I cover the styrofoam and ottoman with a white (old) sheet.

    I have a (not OTT) true light lamp of a similar style. (i want a second to wash out shadows. (1 light from right, 1 light from left!)

    Not perfect but not too bad a set up. (considering i am in the running for the worlds worst photographer!)

    there are one line directions for building a light box-from PVC tubes and semi sheer fabric (old cotton sheets are pretty close to semi sheer!)

    the best is my tripod--i sometimes use it for still shots (but not usually) but always for videos.

  2. Very cool!!! You know, if you do get that tattoo on your butt, you'll have to post a picture to show us all!! ;)


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